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Lousia2014.05.16 - 04:04AM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
Just found this and really enjoyed it. Off to read more of your stories now. Thanks for keeping The Doctor and Rose alive in fanfic

Author's Response: I\'m so very glad you enjoyed. It was one of my very first efforts and yes, it has a couple of issues, but if I changed anything, it wouldn\'t show where I\'ve been or what I am today. I have been working hard on my \"Hard\" series, finishing off part three. I decided not to post until I was done, so that I could give a fresher story, then posting and having everyone wait two or three weeks for the newest story update. Bless your heart for reviewing, and I look forward to any and all further comments you may have. Peace, and may you never travel without your sonic!

Palpatine_Sidious2009.11.16 - 05:21PM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
I liked the story. :) It was very sweet. However, one thing that kind of bothered me a little was how much power Rose seemed to have.

I like the idea of her becoming a Time Lady and getting those doctorates, and everything. What troubled me a little was that she seemed to have ultimate power -- power beyond what a normal Time Lord would have. That part seemed slightly far-fetched to me.

I am glad for how you brought the Doctor and Rose together. The story was also well written, which I appreciated.

Author's Response: Aaahhh, you are very astute! Thanks so much for your review; it was very refreshing! Yes, she does have too much power, but as you read the 2nd and 3rd installments, it is truly for a great reason. One of these long-legged days, I\'m going to brush up the those two stories, but please for give me in the end and let me know your feelings and thoughts on how I resolved the issues. Blessings, Dearie!

Ree9232009.10.21 - 01:14PM1: Chapter 1-WarSigned
went back and started reading this again, still as brilliant as the first time I read it, dear - bravo!

Author's Response: Aaaaaww! Thanks, love!

sonicscrewdriver10662009.07.30 - 10:51PM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
I have really enjoyed your story. I think you captured a great depiction of what is possible for the Doctor's and Rose's future.

Author's Response: Thank you, lovie! As a first story in many years (I will not count)of not writing, it was a daunting concept and only prayed I was paying homage to our heros. Thank you, also, for reading this older work. I\'ve tried really hard to better myself and, if it wasn\'t for ThroughanAmberFocus and NattieB for the constructive criticisms, I wouldn\'t be writing today. God Bless!

Taylor Harkness2009.07.12 - 04:27PM1: Chapter 1-WarSigned
This is a good story, but I thought the Doctor and Rose were a bit out of character. The Doctor especially with his exclamations right before every sentence like 'my god' or 'rassilion' and stuff like that. Still, it was good.

Author's Response: I agree with you a bit and was tempted later on to change and rewrite but was urged by others not to, since this was my first writing attempt in almost 20-odd years. I never had a beta until much much later in my writing so, if you read along and cringe a bit, well, that\'s good too, but I have definitely improved a smidge since then and am only hopeful you\'ll continue reading along into \"So You Wanted To Get hitched?\" and the last, \"In the Beginning.\" Still remember, no beta but I did my darnest to improve. I was blessed in the fact that ThroughanAmberFocus took up the beta mantel after that and then came NattieB, which allowed me to learn even more. When you read their work, please whisper a kind word to them as well, because they had wanted too, not because they had too. Thank you, Taylor Harkness. Thank you for reading and reviewing. God Bless!

kellybounce2009.05.09 - 06:46PM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I love this! It's such a great way to end the story, and the story was so exciting and adventurous all on its own. And now, off to the sequel! YAY! congrats on a great story!

Author's Response: Oh, my Gosh! You are just making me blush all over! Thank you , sweetie!

kellybounce2009.05.08 - 10:21PM1: Chapter 1-WarSigned
Oh my gosh-- I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!! It's great and realistic--soooo realistic, it's really hard to do that-- and all of the characters are GREAT! And I have the next two sequels lined up after this! *squeals with glee* I'm going to review at the beginning and end of each story. Again, great job1 *jumps up and down and dances and does cartwheels*

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, I\'m so happy you enjoyed! I\'ve always wanted to write characters that lived and breathed and the Doctor Who genre really let me in and let my imagination spin. If you like this line of story, you might like \'Angels in All the Low Places\' and its sequel \'.Com\' and the third part, \'String of Pearls\' that I\'m currently working on. Please feel free to review and keep me on my toes. Blessings, dearie!

Old Lady2008.11.06 - 11:55AM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
Absolutely beautiful!!

Author's Response: Oh, my goodness, thank you! I\'m so happy you enjoyed!

KikiyoChan2008.11.03 - 03:36AM6: Chapter 6-StrategiesSigned
Your writing is really amazing, I'd love to see it as an episode, it would be absolutely perfect (its pretty much perfect now though :) ) this must be the third time I've read it now.

Author's Response: Wow! Why thank you, Hon! I never expected anyone would read my old stuff, especially since it\'s my first one AND read it three times!! Double-wow! Thanks so much for your review and I promise, String of Pearls is coming along but it\'s so slow with having to move and all.....just stay tuned, by the time I get moved and really up and writing, my fingers are going to have to blaze the keyboard with all of the ideas I\'ve come up with.....

choosing sarah2008.06.19 - 11:36PM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
What a lovely story! I very much liked how you use events in canon to literally transform Rose. I also like how compelling her life is in the alternate universe. I liked how she has real ties to that earth. Well done!

OtherMeWriter2008.02.24 - 06:10AM10: Chapter 10-EpilogueSigned
Just too wonderful! I love the way you had the Doctor break the news to Jack. I really don't think Rose is going to be too happy that the Doctor did the mop up by himself. One of downsides of having a super powered telepath for a mate. Not a lot of room for secrets.

OtherMeWriter2008.02.24 - 06:06AM9: Chapter 9-RebirthSigned
Yaaaaaa!!! We won the day we won the day! Nener nener Krillitains! We get to keep our Doctor and Rose too. You are SO not going to like it when they catch up with you.

OtherMeWriter2008.02.24 - 06:04AM8: Chapter 8-Ultimate ThingsSigned
Go get her Doctor!! You just got her back don't you dare let the universe snatch her from you again. Rose what are you thinking... Okay so you have to save the planet but still...

OtherMeWriter2008.02.24 - 06:02AM7: Chapter 7-Storms on the HorizonSigned
Some aliens never seem to learn. I mean how stupid can you get pissing off to of the most powerful beings in the universe. They are so not going to like the results of that stupid move.

OtherMeWriter2008.02.24 - 06:00AM6: Chapter 6-StrategiesSigned
I really do love how utterly clueless our doctor can be :) Doc the brains Rose the Brawn *snicker* talk about a bit of a change. Guess the Doctor doesn’t get to call all the shots any more.

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