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Reviews For Rituals

Unseen Watcher2008.02.04 - 04:27PM4: The Third DoctorSigned
I wonder what Ten's ritual will be like? Have you been asked this before?

Author's Response: Nope, I haven\'t and yes it would be really interesting to see him undergo the ritual and confronting him with Nine.
Maybe that\'s the inspiration I need to make my Doctor plotbunnies hop again . . .

Unseen Watcher2008.01.08 - 04:13PM10: EpilogueSigned
Wonderful fic, all around. Closure, a sense of peace that Nine deserves so very much, and wonderful companions showing once again why I like those three as a team. Thank you.

Author's Response: Why I thank you for your kind words :)
Yes Nine deserves every bit of comfort and piece he can get although RTD didn\'t give it to him. I think that\'a what fanfic is for :)

Unseen Watcher2007.12.06 - 11:32PM9: The Eighth DoctorSigned
Best chapter yet. He truly needed that. Thank you, Gentle Eight.

Author's Response: Eight: \"You\'re welcome.\"
*pushes Doctor away from keyboard, stuffs him back into cupboard*
Just forget that *ehm* thanks for the compliments. Oh Eight is a lovely Doctor, it\'s a pity he never got more screentime

Unseen Watcher2007.12.06 - 11:22PM7: The Sixth DoctorSigned
Way to handle yourself Doctor. And I love the fact that the 'screaming' companions have gone out of favor. Urg. 9_9

Author's Response: Six was enormous fun to write :) I can only recommend it, if you don\'t really connect to a Doctor, watch some episode, read some fansites of that incarnation and than write something for him. You\'ll be amazed how he manages to take the lead while you write and in that he\'ll earn your respect.

Unseen Watcher2007.12.06 - 11:04PM3: The Second DoctorSigned
All very important and real pieces of memory. Very nice. I think you're doing a great job with the personalities...it's a miracle they're so sedate...for them. ^_~

Author's Response: well being just a piece of memory for such a long time does that to you, you learn to calm down a bit ;)

Ciaviel2007.11.04 - 08:20PM10: EpilogueSigned
I loved the Charlie reference! The whole story was really good, especially the way you were able to keep all the Doctor's incarnations distinct, but pointing out their similarities, too.

Author's Response: Thank you:)

I only just discovered Charlie but I really like her.
The whole story was a kind of an experiment, if I could write multi-Doctor, guess I can count it as a yes. *glee*

ClocketPatch2007.11.04 - 08:16PM10: EpilogueSigned
*tear* I'm sad this is over, but it was a lovely fluff ending to tie it all together. A nice feel good end.
I liked your non-angsty Eight, especially:

Eight sighed. “I know. But think of it this way: We sacrificed everything for this universe. It's wonderful to know that we did all this for a place, where any thing is possible. This somehow makes it seem all the more worthwhile.”

“I'm impossible.” Nine mumbled as he began to see Eight's point.

“Everything is possible. Time Lords who should be dead — alive. Girls who should have died in Zeppelin catastrophes can help to save worlds — Time Lords loving humans.” Eight pulled the Nine into a tight embrace. “You're impossible.” he whispered into his ear as he vanished.

Kay, that was kind of a long quote, but I loved that bit to pieces. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: *handing you a handkerchief* I\'ll miss this too, especially your reviews.
I think Eight was a very positive person, especially in accepting things about himself he didn\'t before (Time Lords loving humans) and he could find joy in the simplest things. And he insisted on hugging Nine when I wrote this (Not that I would complain Nine can use all the hugging he gets).
I will miss this little piece now that it\'s over:\'(

Thanks for reviewing

Author's Response: I hope to see you again with the puppets, now this is off my chest I will have time to play with them again and we\'ll have to beat 82 chapters (my personal aim is 100)

Author's Response: Oh and maybe one day I\'ll do a sequel for Ten, if I\'m feeling like it. Or make a whole Rituals series (Although Two would only make for a short story;))

Willdew2007.11.03 - 03:38AM8: The Seventh DoctorSigned
I adore that you are taking the time to get each of the Doctors' incarnations in character and show their opinions of one another and of the 9th Doctor. The interactions are especially interesting (I love how you handled the 6th, for instance--I was both eager for that chapter and dreading it....)

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind words ma\'am.

One thing I absolutely love about Doctor Who is, how the Doctor changes. It keeps the character all the time (40 years) interesting and I have yet to find an incarnation who I can\'t find has a likeable side. I hope you\'ll like the rest, too.

ClocketPatch2007.11.02 - 09:09AM8: The Seventh DoctorSigned
I'd forgot about Two's greeting too, had to go back and re-read his chapter. I love your Seven. I think he's my favouritte chapter so far. Over-enthusiastic medical doctors *snort* and him taking more time buying a couch. And, best of all, the explosions. Very funny.

I also like how he looked back on his manipulations, and how his funny, entertaining face is his 'true' face and the mysteriousness is the act. That's the opposite of how most people portray Seven, but I think it's more pogiant that way.

Can't wait for Eight, even if he is the last one...

Author's Response: Nice to see you again Clocket I\'m glad you keep enjoying the ride.

I love Seven (since I saw him as a child on German TV) and when I first saw him I didn\'t even get all that dark-mysterious stuff. In my mind and in my heart he will always be Ace\'s teacher and a clown. I don\'t think today that the dark side is just show, he proves to be quite manipulative but the other side is him, too. And there\'s really no point in acting mysterious with his own future: Nine would now exactly what he would mean with \"More than just another Time-Lord\" after all.

Oh and don\'t worry there will be at least one epilogue (I even named the prologue so at first, got a bit ahead of myself ;))

herk 2007.11.03

AceArcalian2007.10.29 - 04:17AM7: The Sixth DoctorSigned
"My (coat) I don't mind it
For I am behind it -
It's the folks out in front that I jar." ;-)

Six did indeed have a good point that the destruction of Gallifrey wasn't entirely Nine's fault. I personally have a theory that the President (Romana?) had a premonition from the Matrix - since the President is connected to it - that told her that the Daleks, through simple attrition, would win the Time War and she needed the Doctor to destroy key Time Lord technology: the TARDIS cradles, the Eye of Harmony, the Hand of Omega and above all else, the Matrix, the collected knowledge of hundreds of millions of Time Lords. The idea of the Daleks with any of those things is horrifying. Of course, she neglected to *tell* the poor guy what she was doing...

Author's Response: Yeah I fear something like that has happened, although I can\'t picture Romana lying to the Doctor about that. If he does it knowingly it adds so much more to the tragedy.

In my little fanworld Romana takes precautions by the way, which ultimately enable my Timelords reborn series (Yay Baby TARDISes)

Thanks for the review

kiwimouse2007.10.28 - 10:40PM7: The Sixth DoctorSigned
I've yet to see anything with Six--he sounds like a marvelously bitchy prima donna--but he makes a very good point, that Nine seems to be taking blame onto himself that he doesn't justly deserve.

Can't wait to see what you do with Seven!

Author's Response: I was honestly surprised how well it came out, I hadn\'t much idea other than let them argue about the coat, but while I was typing Six insisted on talking and talking and suddenly it made sense. I was at least as surprised as Nine by that ;)

Oh and I can\'t wait to see what Seven will do with me too.

Oh and Very, very many thanks for taking the time to write all these nice reviews. I was in awe when I saw the review figures had more than doubled over night.

ClocketPatch2007.10.28 - 10:37PM7: The Sixth DoctorSigned
Ha! Another person agrees that Nine is Four shaved... and now the plot bunnies are hopping.

I love how Six gets the bellcurve wrong - and what that says about Seven. I also love his continual insistance that his coat is FINE and Nine's comment that while wearing it he doesn't have to LOOK at it.

I believe Colin Baker said something very similar ROFL

Author's Response: Indeed he did;) And having studied math I couldn\'t help myself to be a little wise ass about some mathematical fact (even if it\'s just statistics really) - One of many character flaws I fear

Hope to see you with the puppets clocket

kiwimouse2007.10.28 - 10:22PM6: The Fifth DoctorSigned
“Turlough was a brat.” he stated.

*snicker* Very nice wrap-up to the chapter. I have to confess ignorance, though... just what was the celery for?

Author's Response: If you asked the Doctor it would function as a detector to some gas which was poisenous to him, if exposed it would turn purple, he would eat it, \"And then what?\" \"It would be good for my teeth at least\" Peter Davison said he wanted to customize his overstyled outfit a bit - So take your pick ;)

kiwimouse2007.10.28 - 10:20PM5: The Fourth DoctorSigned
Oh, poor Four! *hugs him* Yes, the roots of the Time War go all the way back to Skaro and the Genesis, and it's always interesting to explore the connection between Nine and Four (because Nine's just Four without hair... or color).

*munches on Jelly Babies*

Author's Response: I\'ve only seen Genesis after I had seen the relaunch, and I kept thinking \"PLZ kill them, I don\'t care, Sarah can help you with the emotional after effects, but at least Gallifrey will live\" It gave the - in itself brilliant- story an added tragedy.

*Hmm jelly babies - tasty*

kiwimouse2007.10.28 - 10:18PM4: The Third DoctorSigned
I haven't seen enough of Three to leave an informed review, but I certainly enjoyed the chapter! :)

Author's Response: That\'s enough for me:)

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