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Reviews For Tinged with Red

Van Donovan2006.07.18 - 04:28AM10: EpilogueSigned
What a lovely "coming of age" tale for Adric. You did a marvelous job of weaving the "Adric becomes a man" story with a gripping tale about the Anasazi, which was most inspired! I loved it. I'm impressed with how you handled the Tegan-Adric scenes as well as the Doctor-Nyssa scenes; they worked very well. And you made Adric "grow up" in a sense without making him violent or kill anyone or anything. It was very Whoish. Bravo for a great story. :D

Membio2006.04.13 - 08:27AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Great story-- the 5th Doctor's dialog is spot on. Exciting mystery—ancient ruins on far off planets, possible ties to earth… its got everything. I look forward to reading more of your works.

Tim2004.12.18 - 10:51PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I got the impression that the Doctor would rather take on the whole Dalek and Cyber empires combined than explain the birds and the bees! LOL!

warinbabylon2004.10.23 - 04:26AM10: EpilogueAnonymous
A truly excellent story, Patrice! Thank you for sharing

warinbabylon2004.10.20 - 04:40AM6: Chapter 6Anonymous
I'm loving this. Thank you for updating. Your characterization and plotting is excellent.

Tegan19802004.10.16 - 07:09AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh thank you for updating as quickly as I do :) The story is thrilling from chapters 1 through 4!

Gwyn2004.10.11 - 09:11AM1: Chapter 1Anonymous
I like this so far. It's an interesting concept, and I feel Adric is always bashed on, and maybe his growing up at an odd stage made him appear rather bratty. It's nice to see this side of him, and try to understand what he is going through...and makes you wonder..was that one of the problems all along on the TARDIS?

MarkVThomas2004.10.10 - 08:55PM1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Yes, telling Adric about the "Mechanics" of sexual reproduction, could be very intresting given that Alzarians are decended from spider-like entities that came from Riverfruit. Mind you, would other Doctors, such as the 3rd do any better...?

andy2004.10.09 - 01:49PM1: Chapter 1Anonymous
Teaching Adric about the Birds and the Bees - what a hilarious concept! I can just imagine Tom's Doctor doing it: 'Right, you little spotty oink - when a man and a woman... or a man green bug eyed monster and a lady green bug eyed monster like each other they go to the pub, get really drunk on cider and do the rumpy pumpy - and that is how little green bug eyed monsters are made. Got it?'

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