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Reviews For Domestic Bliss

lolrassilon2011.02.17 - 01:09PM1: Domestic BlissSigned
Aw, this is brilliant! XD I don't even SHIP these two and this is lovely! And it's amazin' that you've characterised them like this without even using narrative.

mrs_david_tennant2010.07.12 - 04:26AM1: Domestic BlissSigned
im 3 years late commenting! but aww, that made me smile.

Kittenmommy2007.10.23 - 04:37PM1: Domestic BlissSigned
LOL! Scones of DOOM!

Firefly2007.09.17 - 04:18AM1: Domestic BlissSigned
... ... ... Ahem.
That's what I sounded like.
Such a cutely funny story! You have a nice hold over the classic series Master, it sounded more like the earlier ones than Simm but that's fine. Loved the conversation, Hah ha! I'm still giggling. Loved it lots.

Author's Response: Hello, m\'dear! *beams at you* *is happy you\'re happy*

Waterfall2007.09.11 - 04:14AM1: Domestic BlissSigned
*dies laughing* I can see the whole scene in my head... priceless! :~D

schildkroet2007.09.09 - 12:47PM1: Domestic BlissSigned
Oh, you're dialogue-fics are simply priceless!
The Master had lost it. Totally. And he's being cute, which is scary.

Cyrius2007.09.08 - 11:30PM1: Domestic BlissSigned
That's so cute! :D

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