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OtherMeWriter2011.12.27 - 09:14PM1: Chapter 1Signed
AWWWW some Daleks can get it right :) Can so see 11 doing something like this

frin tennant2011.04.27 - 05:54PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm smiling so hard my face aches... can't laugh out loud, might wake thw whole house! I loved this so much!

rantsandrambles2011.03.23 - 04:48PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is the most awesome bad day reliever that ever was!

Author's Response: Glad I could help!

kerriangel2010.02.25 - 01:08PM1: Chapter 1Signed
OMG!! the dalek in my room wants a hug!!! help!!!*waits for ten to rescue her*

fuck it.

come here dalek!!


Author's Response: LOL Whatever works :)

grlgoddess2009.09.13 - 01:57AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Aw! I felt so bad for it being hit by Ace! It's so cute! And the Temporal Shift of Infinite Sadness! Haha, all around awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed!

The Doctors Dance2009.04.05 - 12:07AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Aww, a cuddly Dalek!

Author's Response: thanks :)

Bugeyedmonster22009.03.08 - 09:02PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, that was way too funny. Loved this. I'm surprise Jack Harkness found out he actually had limits on what he would, uhm, cuddle with. lol!

Author's Response: thanks!! Glad you enjoyed :)

RGRoberts2009.03.08 - 12:09AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I just died laughing, and now my computer needs a cuddle to cure it of the Dr. Pepper I just spat on it. Fantastic fic! Absolutely glorious. I'm going to send this link to about a billion people, including my boss.

Author's Response: aww thanks :)

pherber2009.01.14 - 02:01AM1: Chapter 1Signed
ROFLMAO! Poor Murray - his interpersonal skills just leave a bit to be desired. *hugs*

Author's Response: THanks! Glad you enjoyed!

faience2009.01.13 - 08:56PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This story has made my day, what with the lols. Temporal shift of infinite sadness? Oh, poor Dalek!

Author's Response: Thanks :)

mary_pseud2009.01.13 - 08:41PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Poor little Dalek - I wonder if it was a vintage model, and perhaps one of the technicians in the Kaled Bunker gave it affection and this is how it reacted?
Oh, and you've been recommended on the LiveJournal community Calufrax (http://community.livejournal.com/calufrax). Congratulations!

Author's Response: thanks!! And thanks for giving the URL. I didn\'t even know that place existed!

wmr2009.01.13 - 06:00PM1: Chapter 1Signed
You are insane! And this is freakin' hilarious!

“Alright. This ‘cuddle,’ thing. There’re going to be some terms and conditions attached to it.”

It’s eye stock drooped in disappointment. “Why won’t anyone love me?”

Poor Dalek - and I loved Rose, the Doctor and Jack keeping it as a pet on the TARDIS! Deserved rec on Calufrax, this :)

Author's Response: aww thanks :) What\'s calufrax?

captainbanana2008.09.19 - 09:33AM1: Chapter 1Signed
1) you are insane
2) my sides hurt form laughing
3) you're a genius

um... how much caffeine had you had when writing this?
i think i need to get myself a murry now - why do they never make cuddly daleks???

Author's Response: awwwww why thank you :) I dont know. I want a cuddly red one.

Vanderslice2008.06.02 - 10:41AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is wondeful. It's got everything, from classic who, to new who, unexpected OT3 forever. woot. But what really makes this story, is the incredibly perfect crack. Great job. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

livii2008.03.31 - 06:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is really incredibly cute. :)

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed!

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