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Reviews For Sense

DameRuth2007.08.16 - 01:25AM14: Painful ThingsSigned
Still reading along, love the incorporation of such a symbolic gesture. And the TARDIS really does look after her people, doesn't she? Very much looking forward to the last chapter!

Author's Response: I think the TARDIS doesn\'t get enough love in fanfic. Or on the show, really. She can be such a wonderful character, and I think she would do everything she could to protect her pilot and crew. Last chapter is up now. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

jessdoctorwho212007.08.15 - 12:46PM14: Painful ThingsSigned
Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.14 - 05:05PM14: Painful ThingsSigned
I was agreeing with WMR on the Sense deprivation... (horrible pun not intentional). Thank you so much for taking this particular route. Burning the coat and, with it, the associations it has with the past, is the best solution of all. I look forward to the rest of the comfort (*looking forward to, hopefully, a few kisses, some hugs, some sort of 'healing' touch between them to destroy the remnants of the Doctor's fears*) I like, too, that Rose was able to figure out what's wrong with the Doctor. Here's to the next chapter. *waits patiently*

Author's Response: That is an awful pun, but I\'m a deviant and I like such things so you are forgiven. :-D I loved the idea of burning the coat when wmr suggested it in a review, and it led to pretty much everything in the last part of this story. There are also lots of kisses going on, which y\'all kept voting for. Hope you like it! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

wmr2007.08.14 - 04:15PM14: Painful ThingsSigned
I was just saying to Gillian Taylor on IM last night that I was suffering from Sense deprivation. And here it is! Painful things, yes, but it's a sign of the beginning of healing because it's acknowledgement of the pain and trauma and fear. Without that acknowledgement, you have denial, and it's impossible to move forward.

That the Doctor admitted he was scared is a major step forward - especially for this Doctor.

You're burning the coat! Perfect :) Now all we need is the comfort - lots and lots of it - to make up for the hurt. Rose understood why he wouldn't accept their touch, but I hope he'll be able to now.

So, final chapter soon???

Author's Response: Everyone seems to love your idea to burn the coat. Kudos on that one! It really worked well and led to the scene I decided to use to end the story. So thank you again for suggesting it! Final chapter is up now. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

dustycaramac2007.08.14 - 08:20AM14: Painful ThingsSigned
Very good chapter, enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next one to see how it rounds off :)

Just one point, the Doctor wouldn't say "fall" because he's British, so it'd be autumn for him. Sorry to nitpick :P

Author's Response: Never apologize for Britpicking in dialogue, those of us who speak American need all the help we can get! Glad you\'re enjoying the story, and thank you for reviewing! :-)

wildcard2007.08.14 - 05:14AM14: Painful ThingsSigned
Oh I am delighted the coat and all its horrible associations has been burned.

Enjoyed how the TARDIS lead the Doctor into the garden and to a delightful picnic spot complete with cuppa an dhis favourite biscuits. Lemon Puffs perhaps? Liked how the TARDIS gave Jaack and Rose the runaround and how Rose worked it all out in the end


Author's Response: Credit for burning the coat goes to wmr. Her idea, I just wrote it. I love writing the TARDIS taking care of her pilot and crew. She doesn\'t get a lot of fic time and she can be such a great character. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Fishface2007.08.14 - 01:15AM14: Painful ThingsSigned
Thank you for burning the coat. I could not imagine any of them could ever use or enjoy it again. What a good idea to give them a tangible way to deal with the PTSD. Looking forward to the rest!

Author's Response: The credit for the burning of the coat goes to wmr, who suggested the wonderful idea. I\'m glad I could do it justice in the story. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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