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Dr_Tamwe2007.08.12 - 09:44AM13: Scary ThingsSigned
The bagpipes - LOL, I love how they play the little subtle jokes on his Scottish in the show.

Rose's "I miss holding his hand" was a particularly sad moment. And I loved Jackie. Calls to memory how my mom used to be when I was upset; college graduate or not, I could be 6 as far as she was concerned. The interplay between her and Ten in the Christmas special is one of my favorite moments of that season.

Good stuff.

Author's Response: That line of Rose\'s is one of my favorites. I think it really kind of encapsulates the feel of this entire story. Re: Jackie... that\'s mothers for you. You\'re always going to be their baby, no matter how old you are. I can\'t get enough of Jackie in that role for the Doctor, and it all started with his first Christmas Special! They\'re just so sweet. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

wildcard2007.08.12 - 06:19AM13: Scary ThingsSigned
The Doctor on a sugar high never a good thing and in this instance bad bad. Rose and Jack looking on not interfering was making my hair itch. Bet they felt like me LOL. Jackie taking over and scolding Rose and Jack then the Doctor was just what they needed. The caring touch Jackie gave hte Doctor on departing wiht the M on his cheek was just perfect. Not too sure if Rose and Jack are aware why the Doctor tolarates Jackies touch yet but then again willl the Doctor understand why Rose and Jack are comforting each other by sharing a bed? Great chapter yet again. BTW I also was unaware of some of the sweets names too.

Author's Response: I retconned the bit about the sweets, so that should read a bit better now. As for your musings on the characters\' understandings of each others\' emotions, many of those questions will be answered in the next part... which I am off to go post now. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Jula2007.08.11 - 07:07PM13: Scary ThingsSigned
I almost cried at this part:

She quickly traced one little M on his skin, as if to remind him, You may be nine hundred years old, but a little mothering now and then wouldn’t hurt you.

I love JackieMum!

Wow you went the whole range of Doctor in this chapter: SugarRushHyperDoc, CoddledneedsHisMUmDoc, SneakyDoc, AngryOncomingStormVengefulDoc, PetulantDoc and NotSorryDoc...

That's impressive.

Author's Response: Jackie\'s just the best, isn\'t she? Only Jackie Tyler could get away with mothering him that way, and he really does need it every so often. I\'m glad you liked the Doctor\'s range in this part, I was trying to get a feel for how out of control he is right now, bouncing from mood to mood. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

HonorH2007.08.11 - 04:50PM13: Scary ThingsSigned
You know, I love the idea of hypersexual Jack being able to share a bed and just sleep with Rose--whom he loves and is attracted to. It shows a level of intimacy beyond the sexual.

Jackie's just what the Doctor needed. I think that's why I'm looking forward to Donna being in the TARDIS so much; she reminds me of Jackie, and I think she'll take the Doctor's shit just about as well.

The thing with the factory reminded me of the episode "Dalek"; it's always scary when the Doctor seeks personal vengeance. He loses himself when he does that.

Author's Response: I\'m also looking forward to Donna. The way he\'s been acting on the show, I think he could use somebody willing to smack some sense into him. As for the revenge thing, I was hoping to evoke the same feeling of out of control anger that Nine was practically radiating in \'Dalek\' so I\'m glad you made that comparison! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

wmr2007.08.11 - 03:31PM13: Scary ThingsSigned
Oh, yes, the desire for vengeance is so natural and understandable - and, after seeing what the Doctor did in Family of Blood, we know he's capable of it. Good for Rose and Jack for making him temper it with mercy. But he's shying away from their touch, which is painful. :(

Yay for Jackie! She's brillliant :) And, yes, the Doctor does need a bit of mothering now and then, despite being almost 900 years older than her. A bit of common sense goes a long way :) Re. the lollipops and sweets (not candy), 'Tootsie rolls', whatever they are, aren't sold in the UK, though I suppose they could have done some shopping in the US at some point... still, it was a bit disconcerting for me.

And finally - yay for Jack and Rose sleeping together and cuddling each other! :) They need it. Course, they need more than just cuddling, but I'm holding out hope that that will come ;)

Author's Response: Re: sweets... oops? I went back and retconned that a bit. Thanks for letting me know about it, it\'s the kind of Britpicking I usually catch myself but occasionally just don\'t notice. As for Tootsie Rolls, they\'re... sort of a bite sized chocolate chewy thing, very popular in the US. Orange Tootsie Roll Pops are absolutely my most favorite lollipop ever, which is why even though I took the brand name out, the lollipop he\'s holding in that scene is still a big, round orange one. I figure he\'s probably built up his collection of lollipops over several years, so he\'s most likely got alien sweets as well as UK and US sweets in there. Anyway, I\'m glad you liked this part, even with the candy/sweets confusion. :-)

jessdoctorwho212007.08.11 - 02:31PM13: Scary ThingsSigned
Poor Doctor.
Rose and Jack have been sharing the same bed to give each other comfort,as they need it to.

Author's Response: Yup, they certainly do. There\'ll be plenty of comfort to go around before the end. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

dustycaramac2007.08.11 - 02:17PM13: Scary ThingsSigned
Really good, you write it so well, and I feel sorry for the poor Doctor :(

Author's Response: I feel a bit bad for him, too. And yet I keep writing stories that beat him up! (I\'m such a bad, evil person, I am.) Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.11 - 02:03PM13: Scary ThingsSigned
Oh, Doctor. Jackie is a force of nature and I absolutely love her for it. Loved her taking care of things when Rose and Jack couldn't and, of course, the goodbye hug between her and the Doctor. Then the Doctor's breakdown...oh, he's so broken. :( Just want to hug the poor bloke, but he can't even stand that right now. I'm glad that Rose was able to convince him to warn the locals before he blew the lab out of existence. *waits for more hugs, kisses and comfort*

Author's Response: They\'ve got a bit more pain to work through, and then there\'ll be lots of comfort. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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