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drox2007.08.12 - 10:15PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Doctor/Banana = OTP!!!

Srsly you write the best Banana!pr0n evar!

Author's Response: Banana\'s are good. :-D

Kalleah2007.08.10 - 08:10PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Yay. The banana trick was such a good sign, and I loved Jackie here. The idea that he trusts her completely because her presence couldn't be faked or manipulated is brilliant.

Author's Response: Ah, that banana. As I mentioned in another review response, it sorta grew into a character of its own! And as I also keep mentioning, I just can\'t resist me some Motherly!Jackie. He needed somebody who couldn\'t be connected to the trauma he\'d suffered, so enter Motherly!Jackie! Glad you\'re enjoying the story, and thank you for reviewing. :-)

jessdoctorwho212007.08.10 - 03:18PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Such tender moments from Jackie towards the Doctor. I glad things are now looking up,but I know there's still miles and miles to go before were there.

Author's Response: I just can\'t resist Motherly!Jackie. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Dr_Tamwe2007.08.10 - 12:26PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Hooray! I love a happy Ten. And a kissy Jack. Nice payoff in this chapter, poignant and funny.

Hopefully we'll get to see some playful Jackie/Mickey/Doctor banter before the end ;)

Author's Response: A bit, before they head off in the next part. Which I am off to go post now. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

wildcard2007.08.10 - 05:09AM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Delighted the Doctor ahs most of his senses returned. Jackie bless her for comforting ht eDoctor, what a tender scene. The banana being manipulated by the Doctor was great adn what a reaction from Jackie. I nearly choked on hte banana I was eating when I read this and had to double check mine was still okay. Group hugs all round and yes, no more ducked kisses. I too assumed like WMR that Rose and Jack would be cuddled up together for comforts sake too. Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: I <3 that banana. It started as a one line bit of atmosphere, and then grew into almost a character of its own! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

DameRuth2007.08.10 - 12:59AM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Aw, what lovely comfort. Been a little slow reviewing, but have been following along avidly (thanx for updating so quickly!). Totally in luv with the image of the Doc wiping a tear off of Jack's face. And I did like the chapter punchline! XD

Author's Response: Credit for the punchline goes to Dr_Tamwe, who brought up the idea. I\'d never even thought of it! Glad you\'re enjoying the story, and thank you for reviewing. :-)

HonorH2007.08.09 - 10:35PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Aww, he's back! Y'know, Jack should try kissing Jackie; she sure as hell wouldn't avoid him. Of course, she might not let him go, either . . .

Author's Response: You have a point! :-)

wmr2007.08.09 - 09:25PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
And I'm back, because I just re-read this chapter and I had to say that I'm visualing Jack and Rose curling up together in one of their beds, because they're so tired, so traumatised, so afraid of nightmares that neither wants to be alone and neither wants the other to be alone. As much as they've been comforting the Doctor, they need comfort from each other too. That is what's happening, right?

Author's Response: You\'ve got ahead of me again! Jack and Rose get some time to cuddle in the next part, which I\'m about to post. Your guess is pretty close to spot on! :-)

Order of Chaos2007.08.09 - 09:16PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Delight / Amusement / Tears / Squee

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying the story, and thank you for this wonderful review! :-)

wmr2007.08.09 - 09:15PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
Oh, yes. He trusts Jackie, and he can let her help him because she wasn't there. Perfect!

And he's got them all back now. What a relief! I don't know about Jack, but I almost cried when the Doctor wiped away Jack's tear! Lovely, just lovely :)

Now, lots and lots of comfort, please, including no ducked kisses ;)

Author's Response: Lots of comfort on the way, as soon as we wade through the rest of the angst. :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.09 - 09:00PM12: Healing ThingsSigned
I'm torn between crying for joy and chuckling at the moment. I absolutely adore your Jackie. And this line really broke me as much as it patched me back together again:

She’d been able to pull him so easily from his nightmare simply because she had not been present for the events that precipitated it. He knew, with untouchable certainty, that Jackie Tyler’s presence could not be faked, could never be connected to those dark and terrifying days he'd spent in that cell, under the control of a sadistic alien and a chemical blindfold.

*happy sigh* I do love Jackie mothering the Doctor. And his senses are back! And they're happy!

...but I know he's got a lot of healing left to do. *pats the Doctor* *looks forward to the next update*

Author's Response: I\'m a sucker for scenes where Jackie gets to mother the TARDIS crew. They need it! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

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