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Cybergirl052008.09.10 - 11:55AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
lol, I love that. 'I' for Idiot! This is really great and very moving. I thought it was beautiful the way you first introduced the lettering method with Rose.

Author's Response: \'I\' for Idiot, indeed. ::hearts Mickey::

wmr2007.08.09 - 04:58PM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Oh, fantastic!! Not only did you give me Jack-kisses, but a full hug as well - and from the Doctor, not from Jack. That whole scene was just gorgeous.

And, as if it wasn't already good enough, you give us Jackie! :))) I'm a huge Jackie fan. I love the way her relationship with the Doctor changed over the time Rose was with him. And you've used her perfectly here - all maternal and caring. And he can smell!

Mickey! I for idiot! It's a fond joke now, of course, but I love the way Mickey thought of it and the Doctor picked up on it. Brilliant :) (The only thing I'm wondering is how both Jackie and Mickey ended up back in this universe - and did Pete and Jake come too?)

Lovely. Just lovely :)

Author's Response: I aim to please! I <3 Jackie as well, especially when we see her caring about the Doctor. As for the setup of this Universe, I\'m afraid I\'m going to leave that up to your imagination. I decided back in the beginning that I already had enough to tell with this story just assuming the Universe the way I wanted it. :-)

wildcard2007.08.09 - 10:51AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Yeah for Jackie and she’s here to help the Doctor and with the T for tea sure he is on the mend. I chuckled at the I for Idiot and got a kick out of the Doctors reaction. Glad his sense of smell is back and him sniffing into the properties of the tea just like he did on the Christmas Invasion was just brilliant. Lets hope Jack and Rose can get some sleep then return to help the Doctor and themselves to heal. Thanks for the update .

Author's Response: I just couldn\'t resist the tea! It\'s seemed so perfect for what I needed to do. Glad you liked it! :-)

ponygirl2007.08.09 - 10:06AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Jackie Tyler to the rescue! ::majestic bugling of trumpets in background::

Author's Response: Your reviews always make me laugh! :-D

HonorH2007.08.09 - 09:52AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Aww! I'm glad they got Jackie and Mickey in on it--Jack and Rose are running on empty. Also, the Doctor holding Jack was lovely. Glad you gave him back another sense, too. It's frustrating, not being able to smell or taste what you eat. (Been there, done that during a bad cold.)

Author's Response: I figured they needed some outside help, or they were going to drive themselves into the ground! I broke them all pretty bad this time. But, we\'re almost to the end. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Dr_Tamwe2007.08.09 - 08:38AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Aww. From Jack's kisses to the "Trying not to anthropomorphize the banana by sympathizing with it as well," to apologizing to Jackie for not getting up, he was just adorable throughout this whole chapter. And having the Doctor surrounded by love and affection is very sweet. It sucks that now in the show he's gone through even more crap and they left him alone again. At least in fanfiction, he gets hugged enough.

Author's Response: I\'ve been having fun writing Jack lately. I\'m glad the results are coming out well! And I agree about the poor Doctor. That\'s why I\'ve been writing so many missing scenes for S3! :-)

eve112007.08.09 - 05:52AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Laughed out loud at the "I for Idiot" bit! And seeing the Doctor finally be able to laugh too was just lovely. Made me grin all along my drive to work this morning :)

Author's Response: Happy to put a smile on your face, especially for your commute. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.09 - 05:15AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Oh, that's brilliant. I adore that Jackie's there for him and the "M" for Mum. And Mickey's "I" for idiot was laugh-out-loud funny :) I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for all three of them, though I'm truly looking forward to future hugs (and kisses) for all three.

Author's Response: Many more hugs and even a few more kisses (Jack insisted) in the next part. :-)

jessdoctorwho212007.08.09 - 03:33AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Jackie and Mickey are there now to help the Doctor heal and give Rose and Jack all the support they need.

Author's Response: Yup, and things are looking up. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

elioclya_d2007.08.09 - 03:11AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Awww, Mickey,that was so very sweet of him! As was the poor wounded Doctor finding his comfort through doing the comforting. Beautiful as always.

Author's Response: It just seemed like he might be ready to hold Jack before he\'d be ready to be held, considering what I did to him! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

Sournote2007.08.09 - 02:34AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
awww! I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Brilliant, so glad you keep updating

Author's Response: I am similarly glad for reviews! :-)

Jula2007.08.09 - 02:05AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
I almost cried when Jackie did the "M" for Mum...cuz she was kind of like his mum in a way...and I almost lost it again when Mickey did the "I".

The Doctor is NOT alone, he does have a family and they are all right there with him, to help him heal...

Which is what made me cry cuz I realise that now the Doctor doesn't have his family anymore.

RTD better bring them back!!!

Author's Response: I can\'t resist Motherly!Jackie, and the idea that Rose\'s family became the Doctor\'s surrogates. It\'s just so sweet! :-)

Timekpr2007.08.09 - 01:24AM11: Helpful ThingsSigned
Loved the "I", I laughed out loud on that one just as the Doctor did

Author's Response: It makes me chuckle, too. :-)

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