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Kalleah2007.08.07 - 07:49PM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
The image of the Doctor nestled up in the TARDIS' wiring, with Jack and Rose protectively watching him, is very hopeful. Lovely.

Author's Response: I do so love that scene. I\'m glad you liked it as well. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

wmr2007.08.07 - 04:45PM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Oh, he's getting better! Slow, of course, but it's progress. Even before the return of his telepathic sense - and yay for him being able to sense the TARDIS again! That must have been about the most painful part of it. Even worse than when he lost the TARDIS on Krop Tor - we could see the progress he was making. His trust in Jack's and Rose's touch was growing. He was seeking out their hands, their pulses. He wouldn't let them go. However stifling that might be - and I can't really believe either of them would see it that way - it's a clear statement that he trusts them, when there's nothing else really that he can trust.

I noticed the gentle kiss on the cheek from Rose. Lovely! (can it be Jack's turn next? ;) )

Oh, and by the way: I recced this story, along with a few of your others, on my LiveJournal. So if you're picking up a few new readers here and there, it might be my fault ;)

Author's Response: His trust in them runs too deep for mere sensory deprivation and torture to shift it, I think. Now that he\'s got the TARDIS back in his head, though, the temptation to hide in their link might be too strong for him! But, I see that you\'ve already commented on the next part, so off I go to read and respond to your thoughts on my continued evilness. P.S. There will, in fact, be a Jack kiss before this is all over. :-)

Mousey2007.08.07 - 12:11PM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Wonderful, wonderful. You're doing a wonderful job. Post more!!

Did I mention I think it wonderful?

Author's Response: You might have mentioned it, yeah... once or twice. ;-) I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it, and thank you for reviewing! :-)

jessdoctorwho212007.08.07 - 11:38AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Glad he's slowly getting better.

Author's Response: Slowly but surely, though they\'ve all still got a long way to go. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

ponygirl2007.08.07 - 11:28AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Doc/Tard FTW!

Author's Response: Yup! :-)

DameRuth2007.08.07 - 10:35AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
I agree with Jack -- it seems wrong to say so, but the image of the Doc curled up against the Time Rotor really is cute. Adorable, even. :)

Author's Response: Definitely adorable. That scene has been in my mind since I started planning this story. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

HonorH2007.08.07 - 09:42AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Aww, Doctor/TARDIS cuddles! That makes me all happy.

Author's Response: There\'s more DocTARD wonderfullness in the next bit... until I start pouring on the angst again. (Don\'t hurt me!) Thank for reviewing! :-)

Dr_Tamwe2007.08.07 - 08:22AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Doctor/TARDIS is my OTP. That was adorable, as was the image of Jack falling asleep next to him.

I saw your response to my other review, so I'll leave you to your slightly-more-human Doctor from here on out. However I do want to suggest a coping mechanism that many humans have employed against torture and long imprisonment, including sensory deprivation. We actually had to learn about this stuff as part of military training on how to cope as a POW, and I've heard it elsewhere as well. A lot of people start turning to memorized things, reciting things to themselves, etc. They'll imagine a song in as much detail as they can recall it, recite poems, go over lists of states or countries and their capitals or the names of the cranial nerves or whatever it is they have stored in their heads. They'll even play imaginary games: chess, poker, I don't know, tetris maybe?

I would like to see a little more of the Doctor's mental activity before (and after) he is reduced to such an animal state. Perhaps even glimpses during?

At any rate, I'm feeling the relief here along with Jack and Rose. I love how you write these two, so close and so cute. I may have to look at your listings for Jack/Rose fic :)

Author's Response: It\'s a good OTP, and far too underrepresented in the world of fan fiction. :-) As for those mental techniques, you got ahead of me a bit! They make an appearance in the next part. Also, the pulse counting has been an example of those coping mechanisms all along, really. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.07 - 07:19AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Oh, Doctor... *hugs him* Thank goodness his telepathy is back. Contact with the TARDIS can only help. Hopefully, that is. You portray his extreme shyness and fear so very well. He truly is very broken. *looks forward to the point where he can actually truly communicate and is willing to*

Author's Response: Hopefully, indeed. You\'re going to hate me for the next part! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

drox2007.08.07 - 06:36AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
So glad I found this fic!

Also glad I didn't find it until you got to the comfort part because if any fic needs lots of comfort this one does.

And you write the hurt and the comfort both so very well. Kudos and keep writing!

Author's Response: I can understand that! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

wildcard2007.08.07 - 05:00AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
Awe, the scene of the Doctor curled up amongst the cables under hte rotor made me smile and teary at teh same time. Thanks for posting an update so soon.

Author's Response: That scene was one of those bits that pop into one\'s brain fully formed when one is thinking up a story. It was just so... right. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Fishface2007.08.07 - 03:16AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
It actually made me a bit teary to have him be able to communicate with the TARDIS again.

Author's Response: I seem to be making folks cry a lot with this story! Thank you for reviewing. :-)

elioclya_d2007.08.07 - 03:08AM9: Tiring ThingsSigned
*skips* That last bit made me want to jump for joy!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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