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wildcard2007.08.06 - 10:53AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
I winced when you had Rose hurt the Doctor. Rose will be suffering from that for a while I'm sure and the Doctor....? Will he be able to trust again? Heart breaking..bring ont eh angst and the healing.

Author's Response: There\'ll be a bit of guilt to deal with there, definitely. Lots of angst to wade through, and then lots of comfort as the reward at the end. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

ponygirl2007.08.06 - 09:09AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
It can be comfort tiem nao? Plz?

Author's Response: Best review ever! :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.06 - 07:24AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
Oh, god. *sobs again* To force the Doctor to experience even Rose's touch as pain...this is just painful. Seriously, seriously painful. Fixing the Doctor is going to be difficult, I know and I seriously hope that there will be lots of comfort to make up for the painful nature of these last few chapters. The Doctor's been through hell so far. It's bound only to get worse before it gets better and I'm torn between anticipation and fear as to just how bad it's going to get.

Author's Response: It\'s a bit of a roller coaster ride. Worse and then better and then worse and then better again. But I promise it\'ll end with lots of comfort! Thank you for reviewing! :-)

littlemadame2007.08.06 - 04:33AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
Is it over? Can I open my eyes now? They are safe?....
I'm afraid I don't trust you yet!
You are still going to make him suffer, aren't you, our poor, poor Doctor!
When are we getting to the comfort part? Soon? I can't take this anymore! :P

Author's Response: Some comfort soon... but it won\'t be that easy. They\'ve got a ways to go still. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

elioclya_d2007.08.06 - 03:32AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
I can't bear this! It's torture just to read it, I get all tense and agitated! I can't believe this is only halfway through - how long is it going to continue?! You're very very good...

Author's Response: Fifteen parts. We\'re about halfway done, and now we\'ll start to see some comfort to make up for all the torture. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

jessdoctorwho212007.08.06 - 03:10AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
Just found this and I have to say it is very good.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :-)

HonorH2007.08.06 - 12:07AM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
At least they're out, but poor Doctor! Maybe the familiar feeling of the TARDIS interior will help? He's all curled up inside his head; I can't imagine what they'll have to do to get him out. Time for some Doctor-lovin', I hope?

For a sadist, you're quickly becoming one of my must-read authors. What does that say about me, I wonder?

Author's Response: \"All curled up inside his head\"... that\'s a perfect way to describe it. And what it says about you is that you have impeccable taste. (Not getting a big head from all these awesome reviews, not at all!) Thank you for reviewing! :-)

wmr2007.08.05 - 11:52PM7: Waiting ThingsSigned
Oh, god, you almost made me cry this time! Not content with making the Doctor distrust Jack's touch, you then make him fear Rose's as well. God knows how he's going to be able to trust them again. :(

I don't trust you, either. Yes, the three of them are in the TARDIS now, and it feels as if they should be safe... but you said fifteen chapters. That means eight to go. What are you going to do to them next? *is afraid, is very afraid*

Author's Response: Seven chapters utterly breaking them, and eight chapters to put them back together again. Sort of. It\'s a bit of a roller coaster! Thank you for sticking with it and reviewing every time! :-)

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