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Dr_Tamwe2007.08.06 - 04:36PM6: Angry ThingsSigned
Hey, I've followed a link from Wendymr's LJ and am enjoying this story so far. The situation is painful, and Jack and Rose's interactions and reactions are heartbreaking as well as true to character.

However, I wanted to offer some criticism, which I hope you'll find helpful. If not feel free to ignore me, since you're a wonderful writer as it is.

It seems to me that the Doctor's emotional reactions are a little bit too human. You make good use of operant conditioning as a particularly sadistic form of torture, combining physical with emotional/social, which is brilliant. But I can't help but think the Doctor, who is trained in psychology, would recognize that and steel himself against it. Additionally, his defense reaction of "I'll be stronger" and "I won't let them see my pain" is decidedly human, decidedly tough-guy. I've never seen him as "tough guy" in that particular sense, as if he has something to prove, although he may well think "I don't want to cry out, because I don't want to scare Jack and Rose. They need to have their wits about them to carry out our plans, etc."

The Doctor is nothing if not rational, and I'd like to see him relying more on his amazing brain. Barring that, a little more serious torture may do well to disable his capacity for rational thought, making his reaction thus far more believable.

All that aside, I'm really looking forward to the rest of this story, the conclusion and the "rebuilding" of his relationships. Four stars :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I love criticism, it means people are thinking about my writing! To respond specifically, I think maybe I just like my Doctor a bit more human than you do. It\'s admittedly a different interpretation of the character than we sometimes see in the canon, but then we sometimes see him do the most human things as well. I do agree with you about the \'tough guy\' bit, though. I didn\'t mean it quite that way, more as another indication that the situation was getting to him. Keep reading and thinking and reviewing... it keeps me on my toes! :-)

DameRuth2007.08.05 - 09:41PM6: Angry ThingsSigned
Yow. I'm not normally into stories that just whack people around, but this has such a good handling of the characters, it's keeping me reading. I'm glad the Doc knows that his captors are messing with him, at least -- it'll make healing at least a little easier afterwards.

Author's Response: That\'s the thing about a lot of my writing... it\'s very much blatant whacking around of the characters, but I always try to still treat them properly at the same time. If that made any sense. I\'m glad it seems to be working, anyway! Thank you for reviewing! :-)

eve112007.08.05 - 08:00AM6: Angry ThingsSigned
I know each new chapter is going to hurt but I can't keep myself from desperately seeking them out. Hmm....

Chilling story so far, especially how the Doctor needs to feel the pulse beats, even when he knows rationally it's an impostor. Gah, you're killing me here. Happy (belated) birthday, and I hope to see the next part soon!

Author's Response: That\'s what it feels like writing it. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and the review! :-)

wildcard2007.08.05 - 07:23AM6: Angry ThingsSigned
Just discovered this gem. Captivating in its content and heartbreaking at the sense depravation that the Doctor is suffering. Torture at it's worst for him for sure. Not trusting a touch that you rely on as your only sense is horriffic.

Author's Response: This really does have to be one of the worst things that anyone\'s ever done to the poor guy... and I\'m not sure what that makes me! ::evil grin:: Thank you for reviewing! :-)

wmr2007.08.04 - 11:52PM6: Angry ThingsSigned
And now I know why you let him keep his sense of touch. This is cruelty beyond bearing. Will he ever be able to trust Jack again? Are they going to burn that coat once it's all over? This is so painful to read - which is a mark of how well it's written.

However much pain the Doctor's in, we know that Jack and Rose feel every bit of it with him and on his behalf - they'd both prefer it was them and not him taking it, I'm sure.

More. Please. And please, stop hurting him!

Author's Response: I really like the idea of burning the coat, so much that I think I\'m going to use it when we get to that point. It\'ll be a nice piece of therapeutic catharsis for the characters, and for the readers! Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews. :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.04 - 11:40PM6: Angry ThingsSigned
Oh god...*sobs* The Doctor's pain, the sadistic torture, the fact that they used Jack's coat to teach the Doctor that anything associated with it would bring pain and...really...all of it... God, I just want those hours to be up so they can get out of this. The Doctor's going to need some serious comfort to get over this one. :( More? Soon?

Author's Response: Gosh you responded to this part quick... must have been online when I posted it. I hadn\'t actually planned the coat thing specifically, that alien bastard just sort of did it without asking my permission. Jack\'s a bit annoyed at this, so I\'ll definitely have to keep writing so we can get to the comfort part. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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