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wmr2007.08.01 - 08:18AM4: Worse ThingsSigned
Oh, you really weren't kidding with the chapter title here! How to break the Doctor in three easy steps... remove his time sense, break his connection with the TARDIS and cut off his human senses too. All he's got left is his sense of touch - he can talk, but he can't hear. Don't, please don't take away touch and leave him completely isolated!

Two days. Two more days of this - and I hadn't even thought that of course Jack and Rose won't be able to understand the aliens now that the telepathic link is gone. :( You do like being cruel...

All I can say is there damn well better be a lot of comfort when this is all over! :)

Author's Response: That\'s how this story started... what would it do to him if he lost all sensory input. Leaving touch became an accessory to the plot that grew around the idea. All I can say is... these are not going to be a nice two days for the Doctor, nor a very easy recovery. But I hate stories that destroy the characters without putting them back together again, so be rest assured that there will be plenty of comfort and resolution. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

ponygirl2007.08.01 - 08:13AM4: Worse ThingsSigned
Beautifully written-- chillingly so.

Author's Response: Exactly the effect I\'ve been hoping for. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Gillian Taylor2007.08.01 - 07:14AM4: Worse ThingsSigned
Oh, I just found this and it's heartbreaking. I think the part that struck me the most was when the Doctor lost contact with the TARDIS. :( I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I can\'t imagine what it would be like to lose such a close connection that had been in place for so many centuries. I can only try to describe it, but it seems I did well if it stuck in your mind. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

elioclya_d2007.08.01 - 06:54AM4: Worse ThingsSigned
Poor Doctor! And the TARDIS too, I wonder how she's feeling about it all? Loving this, looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: She\'s pissed, but she\'ll get her revenge when the bad guys try to get inside! Thank you for reviewing! :-)

eve112007.08.01 - 06:09AM4: Worse ThingsSigned
oh jeez, not only did you answer my questions from the previous part ("Why doesn't he metabolize it?" "Why don't they make a plan before it's too late?"), you then proceeded to break this poor little DocTARD shipper's heart. *cries for them*

Something tells me those aliens aren't going to believe that Jack and Rose suddenly can't understand them or communicate with them. *shudders* That does not bode well.

Author's Response: There\'ll be some more TARDIS/Doctor angst, and some nice fluffy TARDIS/Doctor comfort that should make you very happy. In fact, there\'s a scene (it\'ll happen in part nine, and you\'ll know it when you read it) that is absolutely made of TARDIS/Doctor love. ;-) I\'m glad I\'m answering your questions as I go... I think that means I\'m telling the story properly! Thank you for reviewing! :-)

littlemadame2007.08.01 - 05:00AM4: Worse ThingsSigned
Oh dear, you are being quite evil with him, really!
Is it some sort of personal vendetta?!!!
Loving it, though!
Update soon? Please?!!

Author's Response: Not so much a personal vendetta as a personal obsession... I\'m just a total and unabashed angstwhore! Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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