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Bad Wolf Bae2017.11.08 - 03:06PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
Sorry for leaving this review, like, 10 years or so after you wrote the story, but I didn't have an account on Teaspoon until recently.
I just wanted to say I love this story. It's one of the best fanfics I've ever read, and I find myself coming back to it over and over because it's just so good.
When I first read Sense I stayed up all night because I couldn't stop reading it. It was also the first of many stories I read on Teaspoon.
Again sorry for only reviewing now, thanks for writing such an awesome fanfiction and kudos.

JediKitteh2012.10.04 - 02:29PM1: Typical ThingsSigned

i love love love love this story. actually I just found it again and im so happy :D

this story is what brought me here to teaspoon.

Tennoko Endellion2011.01.12 - 10:35PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
Now that I've finally worked out how to submit a review...

This is by far one of the best and most original Doctor Who fics that I've yet read. I've read it twice already in the three days since I've discovered it. I still can't help wishing there were more, if just so that I could make it last longer each time!

keirberos2009.09.06 - 01:03PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
Well I chanced across this excellent story once, and have gone crazy today trying to track it back down. (Of course when I finally realized to just google 'whofic' and 'sensory deprivation' it took all of five seonds to find.)

But, yes. Brilliant and very disturbing at once. You do fantastic work!

Cybergirl052008.09.10 - 10:09AM1: Typical ThingsSigned
"The possibility that they might be in serious trouble this time never occurred to any of them"

What a great last line! It's just as good as 'Little did he know'. lol. Now I can't help but be worried about them, damn it. Great first chapter! :)

Author's Response: I just couldn\'t resist the slightly cliche \"little did they know\" line! :-)

Violet2008.06.22 - 05:28PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
heartbreaking! One of the best cases of hurt/comfort. I love the pure "care" that the three have for each other, without it nessesarily being about sex, it's about unselfishly caring about each other. The way you've portrayed the Doctor, it's like a very very good REAL episode.
Thanks for writing this, I'm so glad I found it. I couldn't bear to stop reading it.

Author's Response: Thank you for this lovely review! I\'m glad you enjoyed my story this much. :-D

Huggabledog2008.03.17 - 05:13PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
You come up with some really original ideas and reason them through giving us great plotlines. I love "Doctor whumping" - the poor guy, and you do it brilliantly. One thing Tennant does brilliantly (among many things) is those sudden changes from happy-overexcited-loveable boy-man to The Oncoming Storm or deeply hurt last of his kind. It's great to see in this that you started with happy Doctor in perfect voice and gave us pretty much all aspects of the character throughout the story. The contrast is extremely well done. Loved the chemical blindfold! Great idea and devastating for the Doctor. The pulse-feeling was a heart tugging idea as was the misused coat. And you though enough about it to have the Tardis' translation telepathy close down, which was totally correct but something I wouldn't have thought of. Loved Jackie mothering the Doc. Just great stuff and thank you for the experience. Looking forward to more really well written angst from you!

Author's Response: I also love Tennant\'s (and thus Ten\'s) range, so it\'s nice to hear that you think I portrayed it well. That\'s a large part of what I was trying to do with this fic, using the chemical blindfold to bring out his extremes. I\'m glad you enjoyed the results! Thanks for reading and reviewing. :-)

nordesm2007.10.01 - 08:42PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
Okay, I had to get an account here just so I could review this story. This story is DEFINITELY my favorite Doctor Who story right now. I wanted you to know that I have officially read it four times since discovering it Friday night. Your writing and attention to detail is AMAZING! I'm such a sucker for Doctor/Rose/Jack fics. Not a chapter of this story disappointed either... You took great care and attention in patching everything up at the end so the recovery seemed believable. I'm such a sucker for seeing someone else take care of the Doctor for once. I do hope you continue to write more stories like this. You've got a major fan over here!

Author's Response: There\'s something about seeing the Doctor as the one getting cared for that just brings out the wibble factor, and I\'m a total sucker for it as well! That\'s why I write it so often, I suppose. I\'m so glad you\'ve enjoyed this story, and thank you so much for the wonderful review! Messages like yours make writing worth the effort. :-)

elioclya_d2007.08.17 - 04:44AM1: Typical ThingsSigned
This is just such a perfect ending... it's a lovely idea, and so nice that it came from the TARDIS!

This is a completely gripping story, from start to finish. The whole concept is fantastic - horrible, but fantastic. It would be bad enough for a human to go through that chemical blindfold, but I'm thinking that the more senses you've got, the worse it is to lose them. And to be looking on while someone you love goes through that... well, you've said it all really. You dealt with it all so sensitively and thoroughly, and completely realistically. A truly brilliant story. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Author's Response: I really wanted the TARDIS to be a presence in this story, and having her give them the ingredients for s\'mores seemed like a nice way to keep her involved in the ending. I agree that the chemical blindfold\'s effects would probably be harder on someone with more senses, which is partly why I picked on the poor Doctor. Glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for reviewing! :-)

Dr_Tamwe2007.08.15 - 10:11PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
Loved this chapter and I'm looking forward to the final installment!

I think it's okay to have the Doctor say "fall" or autumn interchangeably - he's not really British or American, after all. He's Gallifreyan ;)
(and he took our side during the Tea Party, probably because dressing up in feathers and throwing stuff off a boat sounded fun)

Author's Response: You\'re probably right, but I tend to go with the Britpickers for my dialogue since it is a British show. He would think of dressing up in feathers and throwing stuff off a boat as fun, though. He\'s a total rebel. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Jula2007.08.14 - 01:54AM1: Typical ThingsSigned
I loved them burning the coat. It was very...cathartic..is that the word. Either way it was brilliantly done! Is it wrong for me to wish I could just tackle and flomp on the Doctor and kiss him better?

Author's Response: I have to keep pointing out that the credit for burning the coat goes to wmr. It was such a brilliant idea! And it\'s not wrong to want to kiss him better... Rose and Jack would agree with you on that front. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

Measi2007.08.12 - 10:01PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
I want to review this when it's all finished, but since I've added it to my favourites list, it's only fair that I add something.

So far, absolutely loving this. Just a smattering of UST here and there, but an incredible undercurrent of love and believable relationship between everyone.

Oh, and I'm such a sucker for angst.

Well done!

Author's Response: I\'m looking forward to reading what you have to say when all is said and done, but thank you for reviewing now as well. Incidentally, this is Sense\'s one hundredth review on Teaspoon! So doubly thanks for reviewing! :-)

Jula2007.08.10 - 05:34PM1: Typical ThingsSigned
I love ComfortMum!Jackie.

yay the Doc is better!

Author's Response: Me, too! Every precious moment of it we got to see on screen was so sweet and caring, I\'ve been hooked ever since. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

aerotica2007.08.09 - 07:44AM1: Typical ThingsSigned
This story has me captivated, and thank you so much for the frequent updates! I'm hoping and praying that soon there will be a chapter called "Loving Things"!!! ;-)

Author's Response: Hmmm... that wasn\'t one of my planned titles, but I\'ll see if it winds up fitting better. I\'ve got something in mind. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

HonorH2007.08.07 - 12:25AM1: Typical ThingsSigned
At last the comfort begins! I'm so happy the Doctor's sleeping--now maybe he can begin to heal.

Just for a different perspective, btw, I'm afraid I must disagree with my good friend Dr. Tamwe. The stripping away of his senses, including his telepathic connection with the TARDIS and his time sense, is as effective a way of stripping him of his Time Lord defenses as anything I've seen. He's helpless and alone in his mind, and while he can perhaps hold onto his sanity where a human would crumble, I think his defenses are low enough that this kind of operant conditioning would work on him where it otherwise wouldn't.

Author's Response: You\'ve argued my case so eloquently here, I literally couldn\'t explain it any better, myself. Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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