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Violet2008.07.08 - 12:24PM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
HAHHA! Fabulous! :D

Author's Response: thanks!

Unseen Watcher2008.03.02 - 11:31PM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
Sounds like the family life from hell. Surprise Doctor! Your life just went straight to Wacky Land! ^_^

Author's Response: yup ;)

DameRuth2007.07.28 - 11:56PM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
This really is great stuff -- I'm finally getting 'round to reviewing it properly -- and this line is pure gold: "He’d given ‘em water and toys. He had no idea why she’d been so mad. And he’d been planning on letting them out… Never been a maternal sort myself, so I can understand the Doc completely on that one . . . XD

Author's Response: I wouldn\'t have been planning to let them out is the problem ;) hehe glad you enjoyed!

MichAre1a2007.07.27 - 10:34PM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
lol... Best set of lines ever.. they had me seriously laughing out loud:

"So of course, Rose had to tell him it was considered cruelty to children. Everything was cruelty to children. Oh no, you can’t Velcro them to the wall. You can’t duct tape them to the buttresses. You can’t put them in stasis till they were three hundred… "

It was really great :-)

Author's Response: thanks so very much :) glad you enjoyed!

eve112007.07.27 - 02:06PM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
I love the way you write domestic. Really. Generally, put "Rose", "Ten" and "Babies" within ten words of each other and it's enough to make me want to run the other way. But your kid stories are always so fantastic; the kids have great character, and the characters we know from the show don't lose the things that make them unique. Your family dynamics are lovely, too-- there's a down-to-earth, real-ness to them. And you make me laugh. I love your take on the Doctor dealing with domestic and kids (can't tie them up, can't velcro them to the walls or put them in stasis, lol). Great job all around.

Author's Response: aww thanks very much. I also tend to be suspicious of baby-fics... but for some reason i keep makin\' \'em. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for all the kind words!

jessdoctorwho212007.07.27 - 11:12AM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
This was really good,had me cracking up in some places.

Author's Response: awesome :) my work here is done :)

Fizzix2007.07.27 - 10:48AM1: Never Saw It Coming...Signed
This is really neat, more children!fic, but it's done neatly, and I like it. This is the reason I have you fav'd.

Author's Response: thanks very much :) some of the prompts were too cracky to pass up ;)

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