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Reviews For Last Night

Nancy Brown2009.09.20 - 05:09PM1: Romana's RoomSigned
This was so sweet!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

kerriangel2009.01.24 - 05:09PM1: Romana's RoomSigned
mmm. who wouldnt want to spend the night with the sexy Torchwood leader.

Author's Response: LOL the Doctor, apparently ;)

Lunara2008.03.30 - 12:30PM1: Romana's RoomSigned
lol! I love Jack/Martha... and they even SNOGGED in Torchwood!

Author's Response: LOL Poor girl needs some luvinz :)

RosesBud2007.07.28 - 06:27PM1: Romana's RoomSigned
I LOVED this! Bit of thankyou closure for Martha wouldn't have gone amiss huh?

Author's Response: and a bit of sex. but hey ;) You back, hon? cos, like, I can\'t spell without you LOL

followthesiren2007.07.27 - 03:30AM1: Romana's RoomSigned
Oh yes, I'm now imagining a rousing chorus of "Kiss the Girl" complete with bizarre lobster accent! Great story, really well written. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :)

Lovechilde2007.07.27 - 03:28AM1: Romana's RoomSigned
Aw, this is adorable. I could just see poor, clueless Romana. Fun stuff.

...I want a further exploration of the Disney collection, if only because you now have all the Doctors harmonizing in my head to The Little Mermaid soundtrack, and Nine soloing to Hunchback of Notredame...and Nine can't sing *pout*

Author's Response: If nine can\'t sing, then he\'d be the seagull :)

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