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Heather Snow2016.10.19 - 07:02PM3: The DoctorSigned
There aren't enough fics looking at the events immediately after the paradox is reversed but before the funeral pyre. Very nicely done. I especially liked Jack's moments with the TARDIS.

timeywimey2009.01.18 - 02:48AM1: JackSigned
Wow - I really loved this! I think you wrote for Jack really well, and your insights and creativity made this a really exciting read. This is the first of your stories I've come across, but it's now favorited, and I can't wait to start reading your others!

Author's Response: Wow! Glad you got a favorable first impression from this story. :) I will say, regardless of what one thinks of the quality, I\'ve been pretty prolific with my jottings, so I hope you enjoy the rest, too!

LillyNyte2008.05.28 - 10:51AM3: The DoctorSigned
That was very beautifully written. I especially loved how you wrote the TARDIS. This is problably the most cannon friendly fic I have read that details what would have happened after the Master's death.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love the TARDIS as a character; she\'s a joy to write. :)

Willdew2007.11.19 - 08:56PM3: The DoctorSigned
I was gratified to read the bit where Jack was musing on how there were similarities between the Master and the Doctor that he was able to manipulate. I found that watching them (especially with the 10th Doctor and the Simms Master) that there were a lot of almost disturbing habits that they seemed to have in common. I guess it could be seen as a species thing, but it could almost be a... 'them' thing. Either way, I think it would definitely be like Jack to try and use his immortality to draw the fire away from Martha's family and the other humans on the Valiant.

I was also happy to see the Doctor chow down cheerfully on the pizza before getting down to business. He switches through moods so often that it was very like him to be all apologies, then exuberance, then sombre.... Obviously a fic that takes place after the Year That Wasn't isn't going to be especially happy in tone, but I felt that Jack deserved a bit of... regard, I guess. (To use a very outdated term for it.)

Author's Response: Jack deserves a *ton* of regard, honestly, which is one reason for my writing this story. :) I found it very clear that RTD and company were really trying to make Simm!Master a dark mirror image of Ten, which is a fascinating concept; I went with it as a species thing, but you\'re right, it could have just been \"them.\" Thanks, and I\'m glad you enjoyed reading.

Willdew2007.11.19 - 08:50PM2: The TARDISSigned
This was my favourite chapter because you had a non-timelord (but psychic) communicating with the TARDIS in a manner that seemed much more... believable and otherworldly than say, cheezy italicized speech. When Jack 'translates' every once in the while, it's obvious that he's filtering it through his own memories and perception to make sense of what's being said, and for some reason it just feels a lot less cheesy than fics I've read where the TARDIS just plain-out talks.

And the pizza thing was adorable.

Author's Response: Thanks! I love using the TARDIS as a character (talk about a *different* viewpoint!), but it can be a fine line to walk . . . glad you thought I handled it well. And pizza makes everything better, right?

Willdew2007.11.19 - 08:48PM1: JackSigned
The Master using Jack's love of cleanliness--especially since that's a bit of a gay stereotype--to torture him... ohh, that's brilliant. And messed up.

Author's Response: The *Master* was pretty messed up, at least in my opinion. :/ ;) Thanks!

Fizzix2007.11.04 - 05:04PM3: The DoctorSigned
Okay, so I lied about reviewing them all individually, but I'm a bad person like that sometimes. This was good, and 'good' is the safest word I know how to describe it. It's just because I'm bad at describing other peoples' works; this was good, take it seriously.

(The above was the confuzed ramblings of a Fizzix. The only real lesson to be taken is that it was good.)

Author's Response: \"Good\" is excellent praise indeed, and I\'m honored to receive it. Thanks! :)

Howlcastle2007.07.27 - 03:47PM3: The DoctorSigned
You are really good at writting from Jack's POV, and this was no exception. I loved his thoughts on the Doctor's magnetism...the trust he chooses to inspire instead of fear like the Master. How he holds himself back constantly and distances himself rather than give people the full dose of himself. I wonder how Jack would feel to know that the Master and the Doctor are alike in many ways, (as he noted), but are mavericks of their own people!
Really nice, and really touching. The use of few conversational words was good too, because they are both beyond it by this point now, and you conveyed it really well.

Author's Response: Glad you like my version of Jack -- I have no idea why he\'s so easy to write, but I love him for that reason (well, and cuz he\'s *Jack*). I think they were pretty clear in this season about how the Doctor tries not to get too involved precisely because he realizes that he\'s a little too dangerous/intense for most folks to take. I bet Jack has a good idea that the Doc and the Master are/were both renegades of sorts -- it\'s not like he can\'t recognize the symptoms! ;) Thanks for the review!

RosesBud2007.07.22 - 01:14PM3: The DoctorSigned
Ahhh. Contented sigh. Wish we got to see these bits, but then you wouldn't have the excuse to write them so brilliantly. I to loved the things unspoken. Very good.

Author's Response: Thanks! I can see why they don\'t put too much stuff like this in the episodes (when you\'re stuck at 45 minutes, you have to be brutal about cutting things that aren\'t absolutely necessary!), but I do miss seeing it. Especially since they had/have so many very strong actors . . .

Lovechilde2007.07.22 - 05:16AM3: The DoctorSigned
*satisfied sigh* Still fantastic. I love the things unspoken, and the level of understanding between them. Also, learning what the Doctor could be and isn't through studying the Master is sheer brilliance. Much love.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m relieved the last bit didn\'t disappoint. And Jack and the Doc have always been a strong team (whether you get slashy with it or not), so there\'s a lot they understand about each other without needing words. At least, that\'s my view of it. :)

Yssy2007.07.21 - 05:50PM3: The DoctorSigned
complete? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
I've just got round to telling you how terrific this is!
More Please!
Pretty please?

Author's Response: LOL! Wow, thanks! Well, as I noted in another response below, I consider this to lead stright into \"Deathless,\" an earlier story I wrote, so that\'s a *little* more written in the same basic setting . . .

Aibhinn2007.07.21 - 02:08PM1: JackSigned
I do so love your Dark!Doctor, but even more than that, I love the way you capture each of the characters, and the 'feel' of that 3-ep story arc, so very well here. You're one of the few people who's picked up on the similarities between John Simm's Master and David Tennant's Doctor and put it into a fic--I thought that was very telling, myself, when I was watching the eps. Not only because they're the last of their kind, but because they *were* friends once, and I could really see that in here. Rusty came through this time, as did the actors.

And you, of course--I didn't mean to take up my whole review talking about the eps! *g* I do love reading your take on Jack; you always seem to nail him so well, and it's a difficult thing to do, as evidenced by the loads of bad Jack!fic out there. Very well done.

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought the Doc/Master parallels on the show were brilliant, and very clearly articulated -- down to the way that Lucy was, at times, esp. in TSOD, essentially Evil!Rose. I found it fascinating/horrible to see the way the Master took that relationship to a very dark and abusive level (all sketched out in a way that still made it to a \"family\" show, which blew my mind) -- it really spelled out (to me, anyway) what a Time Lord could do to a human in a close relationship, if he had no scruples at all. Scary, scary thought. And the acting . . . wow. If it wasn\'t for A Certain Moment towards the end (which had me screaming at the TV, and not with joy, and I think most folks can guess what I\'m talking about), I\'d consider that three-parter the Best Who Ever. It\'s still pretty damn good . . . and no, I\'m hardly going to be offended by you talking about the TV show in a review, when I\'m so willing to geek around about it in a reply!! XD Glad you thought my story did justice to the canon material, and I\'m very pleased you like the way I write Jack. He\'s hands-down my fave character to write, and it\'s nice to know I\'m managing it . . .

TygerC2007.07.21 - 02:00PM3: The DoctorSigned
So very good, as always. But "complete"?! I want more... =)

Author's Response: Well, this story rather leads back into the opening of \"Deathless\" -- I consider it to be essentially a prologue for that story, though they can both be read alone . . . Thanks!

rutsky2007.07.21 - 12:07PM2: The TARDISSigned
I'm not sure I've told you how much I enjoy your stories; they have an affection and understanding of human nature (or, perhaps, simply of soul nature, given that we aren't always speaking of humans here) which makes them not only rich, but kind. Even your dark stories...and this one speaks to two of the characters for whom I have a great deal of love. Thank you so much for letting them take comfort from each other.

Author's Response: You\'ve written many very supportive reviews (thanks for an other one!), which have been much appreciated. :) I find it very hard to write effectively about characters I don\'t care about, and I guess that shows through. Glad this story worked for you -- it was one of those things *I* really wanted to see happen . . .

drox2007.07.21 - 10:04AM2: The TARDISSigned
Hooray for letting the TARDIS have her say. As tough as that year was for everyone, I suspect it was worst for the "old girl". You've described it very well and sympathetically. Kudos!

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought she could really use a fictional hug -- and it couldn\'t have been easy for Jack to shoot her up like that, so I wanted to explore their relationship/feelings after the fact.

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