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Kerry Cox2007.07.21 - 10:35PM6: Chapter 6Signed
So..good ending...Thank you for your posting. I'm so glad to see that Rose meet Doctor. Well..when do you write another fic? I expecting now!!

Author's Response: I don\'t know when i\'ll be writing another fic, maybe a sequel to this one? i\'m kind of short of ideas at the moment so it might take a while.

jammies20002007.07.21 - 04:41PM6: Chapter 6Signed
He finally gets to finish his sentence. I was s upset when he didn't get to say them on the show. Out of all the times someone has left his or been taken from him that was the first time I remember that he shed some tears. (on screen anyway) I so wish they would have had him say them. thx for posting this is a great ending... or is it a beginning

Author's Response: i never really thought of it as a beginning but now you mention it, i could write a sequel to this.... we\'ll just have to wait and see!

jessdoctorwho212007.07.21 - 12:54PM6: Chapter 6Signed
He finally got to say those words that he ran out of time to say.
Great chapter and perfect ending.

Author's Response: i thought it was mean of RTD not to let the Doctor say those words so i did it for him :)!!! thanks for the review, it really does make a writer\'s day!

jessdoctorwho212007.07.21 - 12:51PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Ok,not the reaction I was expecting from Rose after seeing the Doctor after so long.
You just ran away,but I guess you just never know how you're going to react.
Great chapter.

Author's Response: thanks! i don\'t think you ever know how you\'re going to react, when you\'re in a situation, your instinct tells you what to do...

jammies20002007.07.21 - 09:48AM5: Chapter 5Signed
Oh man she ran away?!?! After so long and she took off? I hope the Doctor goes after her. This is a great story thx for the update. Looking forward to the next chapter hope Rose and the Doctor get together finally.

Author's Response: you\'ll just have to keep reading to see what happens :)

Kerry Cox2007.07.21 - 09:08AM5: Chapter 5Signed
AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!! How did you cut off your chapter!! I want to see more! Please write longer~!! I REALLY can't wait your fic!!So brilliant!!

Author's Response: don\'t worry, I will do my best to get the last chapter posted as fast as possible!

Kerry Cox2007.07.20 - 09:46PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Your fics always makes me excited!!And I like Slitheen most!!Well..I always expect your fic!! So gorgeous!!

Author's Response: Thank you :)!!! don\'t worry, i won\'t forget to post the next chapters!!!

jammies20002007.07.20 - 03:24PM4: Chapter 4Signed
So they will all travel across does that mean Pete too? He is in his correct world. And didn't Jackie have a baby that would mean that child is in the correct world. Is it right to ask them to leave their world? I am glad Rose's mom isn't trying to stop her at least and is supporting her. thx for the update

Author's Response: you\'re welcome! Jackie will never leave her children and anyway, at this point the child is only four so she\'ll pretty much grow up in Rose\'s world. I also think that Pete would pretty much do anything for Jackie, even leave his own world, he loves her.

jessdoctorwho212007.07.20 - 02:43PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Their all going back with Rose,I wondered if you were going to do that.

Author's Response: well, i doubt Rose\'s family is ever going to abandon her.

jessdoctorwho212007.07.20 - 02:41PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Great chapter.
I like Jake and always wondered why he wasn't with the Tylers and Mickey at the end of 'Doomsday'.

She's going back to her world,I can't wait.

Author's Response: hmmm, me too... anyway, i\'ll try to upload the next chapter today

jessdoctorwho212007.07.20 - 02:38PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Great chapter.

Author's Response: thank you!

fallen_tears2007.07.20 - 10:29AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Ooh, you put Jake in! Great chapter, I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: i think Jake is a great charater, i\'d love him to be in the next series... next chapter coming tomorrow (well, most likely to, anyway)!!!

fallen_tears2007.07.20 - 10:26AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Lol the Doctor is fearless against all sorts of aliens but when it comes to mothers and slaps, he's petrified! Haha

Author's Response: That side of him has always made me laugh :)

Kerry Cox2007.07.20 - 03:54AM3: Chapter 3Signed
God!! Jake included!! And Void open??Rose is going to back? Or Doctor is going to come there? Oh...I'm so excited!!I can't wait your fic!!

Author's Response: i can\'t thank you enough for your reviews, they really do make a writer\'s day *grins* i\'m writing the fic as fast as i can!

jammies20002007.07.20 - 03:44AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Alright well I hope the void opens and that the Doctor doesn't get it reversed before they can travel through. I am glad you included Jake I like him. I hope Rose's family doesn't give her too hard of a time. thx for postsing.

Author's Response: you\'re welcome!!! i like Jake too, i wish he could come back sometime in the next series... to find out what happens, you\'ll just have to keep reading!

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