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Reviews For Cygnus 3

ClocketPatch2007.12.04 - 08:49PM4: Chapter 4: And Thy Own Soul a Sword Shall PierceSigned
Nice. I like how deep you've made this world, and the little ties back to the UNIT era (big UNIT fan here) can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love the UNIT stories too...I think they were as much of a family as the Doctor had, but I think he also resented their demands on him. (Certainly did by Four\'s era.)

ClocketPatch2007.12.04 - 03:38AM2: Chapter 2: A Mirror, DarklySigned
For some reason that limit is gone



And I mean that as no disrespect to you. It's just that I'm waiting for the show to come up with a similar non-explanation.

This is very good. I'm reading it chapter by chapter as a treat for every page I write on my essay. The plot is very gripping.

Thanks also for the link. It's gone into my internet favourites for future reference.

Author's Response: Thanks! It seemed to me that if you had a limited population (it\'s implied that Time Lords don\'t reproduce very quickly), and the 12 regeneration thing was an arbitrary limit, it would be lifted during some sort of crisis. Better than having to train them...

ClocketPatch2007.12.03 - 10:27PM1: Chapter 1: Tongues Human and AngelicSigned
I've really got to go out and read that book flatland. It seems everyone and there uncle except me has read it!

The explanation the Doctor gave on the Rassilon Imprinture was deliciously subtle. I like how he brought up the possibility of legendary children born with the Imprinture and then waved it off. Doctor you fool no one.

The plot looks like fun, and Mike is - from what Iíve read thus far - a delightfully quirky OC.

Author's Response: Thanks! THis was the second big thing I\'d ever written...think I\'d do some things differently now. Mike\'s fun to write. He can say some things to the Doctor that other characters can\'t. Plus I think they come to the same conclusions about the universe from very different paths.

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