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roguewords_252007.12.16 - 08:21PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
*dies* Seriously, Time Cock. Best Phrase Evar.

Author's Response: thats wht it is ;)

TotalNutcase2007.07.05 - 02:36PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
Woo hoo! Crackfics! Thanks for writing this, I just read an incredibly angsty fic, and this was the most amusing story I found so far! ^^

Author's Response: thanks so much :) glad you enjoyed!

MichAre1a2007.07.04 - 10:34PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
lmao, very nice, hehehe

Author's Response: thnx :)

rea_p2007.07.04 - 05:20AM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
I'd like to cast my vote with the "more, please!" party! :)

Author's Response: lol wouldnt you just hehe

Jula2007.07.03 - 11:02PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
You better be grateful that I had just swallowed my tea, thank you very much...Cuz I just bought is new computer and monitor and do you have $200 to replace it!

Time Cock indeed.

Can we got into detail as to how exactly Jack proceeds to satisfy the lucky...er I mean lusty wenches with said Time Cock?

Cuz I for one am curious about Martha/Rose/Jack!

Author's Response: well it is a cock that has traveled through time and space...

Caed2007.07.03 - 09:46PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
This is just fantastically brilliant, it really is.

And I for one vote heartily for a follow up. Please?

Author's Response: LOL vote noted :)

followthesiren2007.07.03 - 06:26PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
ROFLMFAO! Hooray for the oft praised, but still underappreciated Time Cock! Fantastically amazing crack!fic, and two bonus points for mention of Ace. Love it!

Author's Response: its totally underappreciated isn\'t it??? glad you liked!

Amberwind2007.07.03 - 06:08PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
*dies laughing*

Just... just... yeah, that's the Doctor alright.

Author's Response: hehehe :) thanks :)

wildcard2007.07.03 - 05:42PM1: Time and Time AgainSigned
I should know better than to drink while reading crack fic.

Cos as a former Time Agent, I have enough Time Cock to go around for everybody.

I was reading this last line whilst drinking ... and spluttered the whole lot over my keyboard . Thanks for he laugh and hte now much cleaner keyboard - guess it needed a clean anyway.

Brilliant crackfic and hope you writ emore..Would lov eto se the Doctors face ...Jack, Martha and Rose together LOL that should get him going...least ways I'd hope!

Author's Response: hehe thanks very much. wel it was labeled as crackfic so you were warned LOL

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