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IrishVampire132015.06.01 - 12:48AM1: A Kinder CartographyAnonymous
So very beautifully done. :)

vvj52009.09.20 - 01:32PM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
This is rather lovely. Well done!

Monna Sakura2008.09.22 - 09:34AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Oh, this is brilliant. Utterly provocative even while it subdues. Bittersweet by definition. It is a paradox of gravity and levity. Bravo. (ps: It made me ACHE.)

Texasgal2008.02.10 - 02:21PM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
I loved the beautiful words and imagery you used. This is stunning.

Wish Wielder2008.02.09 - 02:56AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Led here from Calufrax, and egads am I glad I clicked that link. This is gorgeous; I love how you described each of the companions, 'n really just brilliant job all-around. Very nice piece.

livii2008.02.09 - 01:58AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Fabulous work; you have such a way with words, and the insights are all carefully drawn, while remaining light and gentle.

koshiroryuu2008.02.09 - 12:45AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
This is just beautiful. *loves*

LizBee2008.02.08 - 11:56PM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Lyrical and dreamy; I love it. The metaphors are original and apt.

jinxed_wood2008.02.08 - 11:55PM1: A Kinder CartographySigned

I just followed the breadcrumbs from Calufrax, and I'm very glad I did; fabulous stuff, so poignant and wonderful. I loved the way my mind couldn’t help but picture the map as you described it :-)

Biichan2008.02.08 - 11:34PM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
This is one of the most beautiful Doctor Who fics I have ever read. I hope you write more. I really do.

(I'm reccing this on Calufrax today, just so you know. It's an LJ comm for recs for Teaspoon fics.)

KindKit2008.01.29 - 10:39PM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Gorgeous. I love the central metaphor, both apt and strange, and then how it gives way to other metaphors (Rose as a slipping tourniquet is *wonderful*).

Joan Milligan2007.07.02 - 10:24AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Sublime. Is this perhaps inspired by "The Invisible Cities"? In much the same way, I felt like I sank into a dream at the beginning and woke up a little stranger at the end.

Fizzix2007.07.02 - 08:44AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
Oh, it's pretty. Very pretty. As in... pretty is the only word that I can think of to describe it. Oh, and loved.

Fleurdetemps2007.07.02 - 07:11AM1: A Kinder CartographySigned
I like this very evocative and a great way to illistrate the companions. I especially love the bit about the different Doctor's turning up at funerals.

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