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Reviews For Big Shoes

Bobsyeruncle2008.08.13 - 11:26AM1: TimeSigned
I've never liked the fact that the writers forced the comparison of Rose and Martha on us, but I like this story because Martha figures out that the best path is her own.

Author's Response: thanks :) No... I\'m not a fan of playing the \"which companion is better\" game.

xaphania2007.07.06 - 08:09AM1: TimeSigned
This was great, really enjoyed it :)

Author's Response: thanks very much! glad you enjoyed!

Binah2007.06.30 - 08:26AM1: TimeSigned
Good job! I liked it.

Author's Response: thanks very much!

rea_p2007.06.30 - 04:28AM1: TimeSigned
*hangs head* I was so busy being delighted with John Simm I had completely failed to notice the parallels... Well done, and very well written. Not sure whether to cry or cheer, or both, but wow.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it :)

DW_NuTs2007.06.30 - 04:04AM1: TimeSigned
Oh my goodness...oh my bloody goodness. You're brilliant, you know that? I've seen others writing Martha as she tried to figure how she fit in, after Rose, but this is by far the best.

Well, that’s what she’d thought, at least, before her world had collapsed around her, with her parents and sister the hostages of a mad-man, the Doctor incapacitated and humiliated at the feet of his enemy and Jack in no position to help himself, much less anyone else. That was before the skies glowed orange with the terrible destruction going on around her. It was a world without hope–one without a tomorrow.

That paragraph just had me completely. It showed how bad the situation is for her - for them all, but then you go on saying how much she'll try. How she'll try to fix it like Rose did. Fantastic!!

Author's Response: oh * blushes* thanks so very much. This was my first attempt to tackle Martha. I\'m glad you liked it.

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