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Reviews For The Procedure

Nancy Brown2009.09.20 - 05:51PM1: Chapter 1Signed

Author's Response: :)

Fizzix2007.11.01 - 04:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Haha, more fun-ness that I missed? Something tells me to read anything/everything I've neglected to read of yours so far... (Shout out to Dame Ruth for referring me... I would have totally missed it!)

Is it bad that this could easily be seen in Torchwood Babiez sort of thing? Somehow, that's how I read it.

Author's Response: heheh :) I guess it could be now that you mention it ;)

Principia2007.06.07 - 10:03AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Bwah! Yeah, we'd discussed the fillings on LJ. I'm almost surprised they didn't have The Mill color those out.

I'm glad to know at least Rose has watched Mythbusters, although I'm now sensing a crack!fic with The Doctor being one of those haranguing emailers crabbing at Adam and Jamie about something they were screwing up. :D

Author's Response: yeah everyone on LJ discussed the fillings ad-nauseum LOL. We started talking about self-rotating lolly pops and thats where this little thingy came from ;)

RosesBud2007.06.07 - 05:41AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Heh he - so THAT explains the fillings... I did wonder! All hail postitus when I get gems like this to read LOL.

Author's Response: LOL Glad you approve :)

Kesomon2007.06.06 - 11:51PM1: Chapter 1Signed
While this was amusing to say the least, I don't quite understand the "visual refs to 42" comment in the description.

Author's Response: LOL when he\'s screaming when he gets possessed by the sun, you can see all of his glorious Time Lord dental work, replete with silver fillings hehehehe.

rutsky2007.06.06 - 11:42PM1: Chapter 1Signed
The last sentence is what really made me grin out loud. Lots of fun!

Author's Response: lolz glad i could make ya laugh!

DameRuth2007.06.06 - 10:49PM1: Chapter 1Signed
OMG -- Doctor + Mythbusters. Be afraid; be very afraid!! :O :D

Author's Response: LOL See Rose saw that episode. that\'s why she wouldn\'t let him put it in the microwave ;)

ann_blue2007.06.06 - 10:14PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Nice story.
But you know the Doctor actually did get a tooth pulled back in the OK Corral.
It was William Hartnell's doctor that had the tooth pulled and he also whinned about it.

I suggest you check it out because it is an interesting episode....music and all. *giggle*

Also nice addition about the jaw breakers and microwaves. I heard about that on Myth Busters.

Again great job on this. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: LOL yup thats what I was referencing there. The story itself is horrible and the accents are bad and the historical accuracy is, like, nil... but it\'s fun :) I TOTALLY saw that mythbusters :)

Amberwind2007.06.06 - 10:10PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Bwahaha! Classic!

Author's Response: Thankyee :)

scifiangel2007.06.06 - 09:55PM1: Chapter 1Signed
LOL Loved this.

Author's Response: fanx :) Glad you enjoyed!

Sournote2007.06.06 - 09:31PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Poor doctor! :P

Author's Response: He shouldn\'t bite on jawbreakers ;)

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