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wooptastic2009.03.05 - 10:05PM12: The Satan PitSigned

ffudess2009.01.18 - 10:48AM12: The Satan PitSigned
Wow ...

Very Dark indeed, oh i wish the doctor didn't have to do that! *sigh* always so alone.

Amazing ... just amazing.

ffudess2009.01.18 - 09:24AM12: The Satan PitSigned
Wow ...

Very Dark indeed, oh i wish the doctor didn't have to do that! *sigh* always so alone.

Amazing ... just amazing.

witchy_grrl2008.09.17 - 01:57PM12: The Satan PitSigned
WOW. This is absolutely dark and hot and just plain HEARTBREAKING. At the same time, I can still absolutely imagine it too. The darkness in Ten is delicious and SO there, just under the surface, and to see it manifest like this last chapter is just...hot. :P
I am TOTALLY looking forward to more!! Fantastic job!!

reewees2008.09.11 - 05:22AM12: The Satan PitSigned
OMG - what an emotional roller coaster that was. I am exhausted from it. The thing is, I can almost imagine the Doctor doing what he did. What pain he must be in to do what he did to Rose. I don't think it was right for him to take her memories though, that was very cowardly of him. Maybe he did so because he can't forgive himself for what he did to his people. If he can't forgive himself then he certainly wouldn't want Rose to forgive him.
I really hope that you are going to finish off Season 2 - can't wait to see what you do with Doomsday!!!

Rosie_not_Rose2008.07.27 - 07:33AM12: The Satan PitSigned
Good god. That was... phew. I feel exhausted myself after reading it! Please don't leave it there, it's far too dark to stop there!

BlackRose2008.07.01 - 10:55AM12: The Satan PitSigned
The best ever thing I have ever, ever, ever, ever, ever read, ever.

This chapter was writen so beautifully it had me in tears the whole way through it, and this is coming from someone who NEVER cries.

I wonder if the other chapter will be up to this stanard...? (Hint Hint)

Brilliant story so far.

Why the hell are you not out there making money out of this?!

=] xxx

Alsatia2008.05.09 - 07:14PM12: The Satan PitSigned
Holy cow. I have been enjoying this story all along, sure, but now I adore it! Beautifully written, strikes just the right tone for what you're doing. The memory exchange is a brilliant idea, and a really good reason for him to avoid intimacy. Oh, but he sucks sucks sucks for taking it all away from her. However, I do love it when the Doctor is very dark, so that's the price I gladly pay for my taste! :) Anyway, I'm dying to read the next chapter!

DalekSteph2008.05.09 - 09:31AM12: The Satan PitSigned
Oh my goodness.

That, probably, is the hottest thing I've ever read, ever ever.

There're reasons this is on my favorites list, and all 3,875 of them are summed up in this chapter.

My favorite, though -- my absolute favorite, is how dark this Doctor of yours is. "What do you suggest I do about it?" he asked Mickey... Well, he's gone and done it, hasn't he? I should hate the vile bastard that he is for taking Rose, willingly, but afterwards raping her mind so he can feel better about it?? But I don't, because he's the Doctor, and the Doctor doesn't need a reason, does he?

This... was mind-blowing, and so worth the wait. I'd read it again, but I think I'd spontaneously combust.

Steph--who needs a cold shower

[love it]

LilStarKat2008.05.09 - 08:08AM12: The Satan PitSigned
Unbelievable. There are no words. X_X

sisterstyx2008.05.09 - 12:28AM12: The Satan PitSigned



i don't think that i have a response to that.

but if i did, it would be a positive one, to say the least.



Roxyk6302008.05.08 - 09:18PM12: The Satan PitSigned
I've been thinking about how to respond to this... off and on now. And I really can't think of one. Its beautifully written. Absolutely gorgeous... and heartbreaking.

CrystalC2008.05.08 - 06:55PM12: The Satan PitSigned
Holy shit! Very dark. I can't help but both sympathize and hate the Doctor for what he did. Not so much the seducing her, but taking those memories away. =( Now I want Rose to remember exactly what he did!

sinecure2008.05.08 - 05:04PM12: The Satan PitSigned
I don't know where to begin. Hmm. That was some hot, hot smut. But, the darkness of what the Doctor was doing and his thoughts were just... wow. Beautiful and terrifying. I like Dark!Ten, so this was just perfect for me. I like that sex meant an exchange of memories and emotions, and that he knew damn well from the very beginning what he was going to do, was about to do. And he still did it.

I don't like what he did at the end though. Oh, that always annoys the hell out of me. The Doctor taking away her memories because he thinks it's better for Rose when in reality, it's better for him. He's a coward for sure. He couldn't stand that she forgave him and loves him despite knowing who and what he is. Coward.

This was just a fantastic chapter. I love it to teeny tiny bits.

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