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DalekSteph2007.12.04 - 08:05PM9: The Age of SteelSigned
Oh, I read this this morning & it brought tears to my eyes... That whole spiel about their worlds colliding -- it was magic, I swear. And, I love how you seem to work elements of Nine in there -- I love how you did that. Your work always makes for great reading. =)

Sali232007.12.04 - 04:12PM9: The Age of SteelSigned
That was an absolutly beautiful piece of writing, my heart was in my mouth. I thought the Doctor was going to tell Rose he was going to leave her. It was all so heartfelt, I nearly cried.
Update soon x

angel_rapley2007.12.04 - 03:29PM9: The Age of SteelSigned
Beautiful, as usual. I'm quite in awe of your talent for writing these scenes which are heratfelt and emotive, yet retain the characterisation so perfectly. I eagerly await the next instalment.

Requialexa2007.12.04 - 01:39PM9: The Age of SteelSigned
Oh gosh! That was heart wrenchingly beautiful! You captured their voices and pain so well. Loved most especially the "quite right, too" that adds so much more meaning to the canon utterance. Your series explains and exposes so well the intimacy that these two share. Take your time with more--I don't want it to end!

lostwolf2007.12.04 - 06:57AM9: The Age of SteelSigned
Love them snuggled up on the sofa - althoguh heart-breaking foreshadowing with the last lines. Sob!

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