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Requialexa2007.12.04 - 01:13PM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
The Doctor's candid answer to Mickey's question is so beautifull in character. That moment brought tears to my eyes. As did the last line. The whole series is absolutely perfect in its portrayal of the interstitial moments. Worth many rereads, and recs, too!

LilStarKat2007.10.02 - 02:06PM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
Ok Doctor... she's got feelings for you, you've got feelings for her... well what can I say, seriously think about what's been said, in another words you two bloody well belong together, do something about it!!
Absolutely adore this story by the way, love the fluffy and romantic bits especially... well there's quite a lot of those bits isnt there? Even better!
Please update soon! =)

Taraiha2007.10.02 - 11:53AM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
What a chapter! I love this. So perfectly captures the trio's relationship and the way Mickey looks out for Rose. I love how he asks Mickey to tell him what to do and he'll do it and Mickey can't answer. I think that little encounter says more about the Doctor and Rose's relationship than anything else I've read. Looking forward to reading more of your 'behind the scenes' scenes.

Cassie13082007.10.02 - 08:30AM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
ooh now that was different, nice :)

Fishface2007.10.02 - 03:18AM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
It makes sense for Mickey to sort of ask about the Doctor's intentions; however, I think Rose will let him have one of the famous Tyler slaps if she finds out! Thanks for the update.

DalekSteph2007.10.01 - 10:13PM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
oh, lord. What an update, avoria! I loved it--though it left me feeling kind of hollow, which I think you might have been trying to accomplish. What kind of story would we have if the Doctor went ahead and admitted his feelings to Mickey the Idiot, A? and B, even though he kind of did he makes a fair point... Just what is a 1000-some-odd year old alien supposed to do about loving a twenty-year old? He's fifty times her age... sigh.

You're working on this so masterfully -- I love these could-bes that your sticking behind the scenes. It's like a nice slice of pie -- something you savor.

[loved it]

btw, loved your Mickey, too!

Lady_Timelord2007.10.01 - 06:27PM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
The Doctor is such a man. As is Mickey, but we knew that, it's just the Doctor really is like a normal man, much more than he'd ever admit. And you've captured that perfectly. He should just tell her, but he doesn't know how, and neither does Mickey.

Although he's at least not enough of a man not to realise that Rose has feelings for him. Haha.

Great chapter, cheers for the update!

Jabberwocky2007.10.01 - 06:05PM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
So...you're saying that when the Doctor says that he and Rose are the stuff of legends, he had decided that he can take the place that Mickey once held? Nice.

This is a really cute chapter. I especially like the fact that Mickey can't tell the Doctor what to do about that fact that Rose loves him. It just goes to show that no matter what the species, blokes are blokes, and there's just no helping them sometimes, even though every girl reading this fic, and who ever watched the show can think of several things he could do such as GET OVER HIS STUPID INSECURITIES, AND TELL HER HOW HE FEELS!!! That would please me greatly.

Author's Response: *grins* Haha, that was an excellent comment -- I loved it! And yeah, there was a vague hint (supposedly) of the Doctor feeling like that towards Rose. As for the admittance of feelings. Weeeeell.... you\'ll just have to wait and see ;)

jammies20002007.10.01 - 05:25PM7: Interlude - The Stuff of LegendsSigned
Cool chapter. But the Doctor is being an idiot. He is allowed to be happy. Thx for the update.

Author's Response: Heh. Oh, the Doctor is very much an idiot. A massive one, hehehe.

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