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Kalleah2007.10.01 - 09:35PM6: The Girl in the FireplaceSigned
This is quite possibly the best take on GitF that I've ever seen. It's not a Reinette-bashing chapter, nor is it a Rose-bashing chapter. The Doctor cares deeply for both of them, in different and similar ways, and you captured this beautifully. It's still painful to read but that's the right way to feel in such a challenging situation. Having Mickey push Rose toward the Doctor here is perfect.

blackcat2007.09.30 - 12:05PM6: The Girl in the FireplaceSigned
You have done a fantastic job with this episode. This was pretty much my take on what I thought the ep was trying to portray within the series - for me, it wouldn't have made any sense otherwise. You have articulated the thoughts and feelings of the characters to perfection, along with their interactions. You should be extremely proud of this piece of work. I can't wait for your next installment!

Author's Response: My pride comes from reviews like those! Thank you very much. Although, they do say that pride comes before a fall, so I shall continue to be humble and accept the lovely words you\'ve said with a smile. I hope. Thanks a lot :)

Jabberwocky2007.09.23 - 07:44PM6: The Girl in the FireplaceSigned
Oh gods, the angst! I really hated GITF all the more because I actually liked Reinette. You pay a very nice homage to her while still showing that, ultimately, Rose is the unwitting instigator of this indulgence on his part, and that his relationship with her is more important.

I believe that your idea about the Doctor using Reinette is pure gold. Wonderfully brilliant. I can't wait till the next installment. Which will be father angst, I'm sure, but at least you can reference the dog named Rose, which I think is one of the best bits of that episode.

Author's Response: *grins* I\'m so glad you think so! And thepaying homage... well... that\'s just lovely to hear. It means I\'m reaching my target. But alas... I\'m afraid I might have to disappoint you if you\'re expecting a direct reference to the dog next chapter. Er...

elemsee2007.09.23 - 08:21AM6: The Girl in the FireplaceAnonymous
What I love most about this story -- of many things -- is the tone. You have the "voice" of Ten, Rose and the others spot-on, which so few authors seem able to do. That and I love your take on the in-betweens of each episode. It's truly wonderful writing and I couldn't in good conscience finish this chapter without taking time to compliment you.

Author's Response: *blushes* Wow, those were lovely words. Thank you so much for the comment. It makes me feel quite shy, yet proud :)

Fishface2007.09.22 - 12:52PM6: The Girl in the FireplaceSigned
"She was everything he wanted in a fantasy, including the fact she was a stranger to him...for a small while he managed to relieve himself of responsibilities and consequences and live the sort of life he never dares to dream about." Very insightful. The new new Doctor is finding his fantasy has just as many consequences as everything else he does. (And we all know how much he likes consequences)

Good for Mickey for doing the right thing, and good for Rose for listening to him. I also liked how you described Rose realizing that Reinette meets the Doctor's definition of "the best". The grown-up Rose in your story is a great character! Thanks for posting.

Author's Response: Heh, I\'m all for Rose being grown up. And yes, consequences are waiting around the corner for our poor man :( So far as Mickey goes, too, I\'ve always thought he was a character treated rather unfairly until the very end, so i\'ve tried to redeem him a bit when we see him. He\'s important.

DalekSteph2007.09.22 - 12:14PM6: The Girl in the FireplaceSigned
*pays homage*

Absolutely wonderful... I think that this is perhaps my favorite post-GITF scene that I've read. I hate it when Rose acts like a child in fanfic -- I think she got her wake-up call after School Reunion, and now she knows that it's more than gallivanting about the universe. This was so well and tastefully done. I quite enjoyed it.

[Loved it]

Author's Response: Goodness, I\'m so pleased! I, too, hate it when she\'s portrayed as childish. I think, like any of us, she can lose her rag on occasion, but I always thought that with something like this she\'d be understanding. I saw it at the end of the episode; it\'s what I picked up on. So thank you! :D

Lady_Timelord2007.09.22 - 11:41AM6: The Girl in the FireplaceSigned
That's... just brilliant. :)

Author's Response: Heh. Why, thank you.

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