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Rosie_not_Rose2008.07.26 - 05:41PM5: School ReunionSigned
Hello, you know me :P

This part really got me:

She does look up now, and he is momentarily caught off guard. There are shining tears in her eyes and it suddenly hits him like a bolt of lightning. Shes not angry; shes scared. He wants to comfort her so much in these few seconds that its almost unbearable.


DalekSteph2007.09.16 - 09:11PM5: School ReunionSigned
OOooh-- great lead-in to GiTF... I can't wait to see what you do with that, Avoria! It'll be great, no doubt about it!

You do a great job with making the Doctor seem as hard as nails. I can't wait to see what you do with this next!

Jabberwocky2007.09.16 - 07:22PM5: School ReunionSigned
I always felt sorry for Rose, having to meet Sarah-Jane and then Reinette in such a short succession. This is really gonna hurt her, because I don't think she has any intention of trying to make her relationship with Mickey work as anything other than a friendship. I mean, honestly.

And of course, this really isn't going to work for the Doctor.

Brilliantly done, as always

Fishface2007.09.16 - 12:10PM5: School ReunionSigned
I like what you did with this chapter. Setting up distractions never seem to work out quite as well for the Doctor as he hopes, whether it involves ordering Mickey to go make a sandwich or bringing Mickey on board in the first place!

Thanks for updating. Looking forward to your version of GitF!

Author's Response: Hah, no, distractions never really work :P Although, that said...

blackcat2007.09.16 - 10:45AM5: School ReunionSigned
Well done! Great character development and in keeping with canon. I like the way you've set the scene for GitFP, which I've always thought of as a rather oddball ep (I take the line that the Doctor was not in love with Reinette, but in awe of her and that it sets up a the concept of loss for DD). You have set up a completely plausible reason for the Doctor behaving as he did. Looking forward to the next ch.

Author's Response: Well, I\'ve always liked the episode GitF as an episode (the shots, set and costumes are just beautiful, and the script is pretty damn good too); I just thought it was a bit TOO \"oh, look, another woman, Ten must go after her!\" In which case, I thought there must be some other explanation. I really hope the next one covers the questions raised in that episode and puts some things at ease. It\'s nice to see you can see the set up. It means I\'ve done my job! *g*

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