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ffudess2009.08.06 - 09:30AM2: New EarthSigned
Absolutely brilliant, you captured them both so perfectly. Can't wait to read more ... right now. :D

wmr2007.09.04 - 02:47PM2: New EarthSigned
Oh, this is good! Lots of humour, which is fun (especially the Doctor's teasing about Cassandra's kiss), but the serious parts are very serious indeed. She's really getting a glimpse of the implacable, Oncoming Storm side of the Doctor here. And such foreshadowing for Doomsday, too.

One of these days weíre going to come across something thatís going to get the better of us and youíll be out of my reach. And when that happens, I donít want to see you turn into Cassandra. I donít want you clinging to any form of hope just because you think itís better than acceptance. Youíre better than that, and stronger than that and you have to learn to live on.Ē

Oh, yes. Just as Nine told her too: have a fantastic life to remember him by. And she will, too.

Author's Response: Well, course. She\'s Rose, she\'s always pretty fantastic. Must admit, this part was pretty... foreshadow-y (yes, it\'s a word *has just made it* :D) Thanks for the comment!

DalekSteph2007.08.12 - 11:13PM2: New EarthSigned
You definitely need to continue with this series. I see questions about the Bad Wolf coming up... Perhaps a comment or two about this new Doctor and his licking of random objects... And perhaps needing to pay up on a debt. ^__^ You should really continue!

Author's Response: Hehehe, there\'s such a lot I could cover it\'s almost impossible to decide which direction to go in. I hope you\'ll be pleased with how it turns out :)

Jabberwocky2007.07.13 - 11:26PM2: New EarthSigned
You've captured the serious side the 10th Doctor hides so much better than the 9th, but sometimes still leaks out. I can't wait for the next installment!

Oh, and the Doctor's last line? Brilliant-but awful. I wish you would put in something about how she decided to take it, but that, like so much in the show, is up to our interpretation, I s'pose.

Author's Response: Heh, yeah, that one\'s up to you... although... Heh, nope, I really can\'t reveal anything.

LilStarKat2007.06.11 - 07:34AM2: New EarthSigned
Love the little bits in between episodes, you have played them out brilliantly and i love the tension between the two of them. I like how possessive he is over her, especially the bit about nothing in this world is strong enough to bar him from saving her life.
Fantastic, please update soon! =)

Author's Response: Why thank you! I\'ll update as soon as I can, I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it. And yes. He is rather possessive. Watch out for that later on... :P

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