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rantsandrambles2011.04.06 - 01:45PM16: Chapter 16Signed
Ack! I've reached the end of the series and it's been forever and three days since it's been updated. I think my brain just spleoofey. :( I really really hope you come back.

Brooklynnbob2009.09.01 - 12:11AM16: Chapter 16Signed
I just realized how long it has been since you last added a chapter. I really, really, really hope you continue. This is definitely one of my favorite stories on Teaspoon, and so worth continuing.

Author's Response: thanks. I hope to finish it soon. Life sorta ran away from me there for a little while.

kellybounce2009.05.09 - 03:52PM16: Chapter 16Signed
i really love this story, but *frowns*--are you still writing it? If not PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE reconsider and keep on writing--I love the storyline and the characters and everything about it! If it feels like too much, you know that everyone that has read just a tiny bit of it LOVES it and will support you the whole way! You're a great writer! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope to get a chance to write more soon.

jessdoctorwho212008.07.29 - 03:24AM16: Chapter 16Signed
Great to see yeat another chapter up to read.I'm really enjoying this.

Author's Response: why thank you :)

Fishface2008.07.29 - 01:08AM16: Chapter 16Signed
I know I already commented on LJ, but I can't really say enough times how much I like this story. GREAT chapter!

Author's Response: why thank you :)

Fishface2008.06.13 - 10:26PM15: Chapter 15Signed
Another chapter at last!!!! This family is crazy enough to be wildly fun. Thanks for the update, even with a bit of a cliff hanger!

Author's Response: OhI try to update sooner and yet i fail!

MichAre1a2008.03.22 - 11:48PM14: Chapter 14Signed
Gah! Yay for the update.. dying to figure out how it all ties together!

Author's Response: hehe. story\'s almost done, so you\'ll find out soon!!

eve112008.01.26 - 12:41PM13: Chapter 13Signed
This story totally makes my head hurt. But in a good way. Nice to see Rose taking the Doctor to task finally. I love how you make their relationship so real-- not rainbows and puppies and true shmoopy love, but clashes and heartache and commitment and mistakes and everything else.

Author's Response: Aww thanks :) I\'m glad it rings true to you.

MichAre1a2008.01.26 - 12:41AM13: Chapter 13Signed
Wonderful update! The mess just keeps on getting bigger!!! Can't wait for your next update. :-)

Author's Response: why thank you! yes I know its getting sloppy lol

Fishface2008.01.23 - 01:37AM13: Chapter 13Signed
Hooray! You're back! Nice to see the Doctor and Rose seem to be making a little progress at last, now that they have to work together to try to save their kids and the multiverse. I love the things you are having Rose say to the Doctor: that he has to quit treating the kids like he wishes they weren't there, that life hurts & he still needs to go on living, that he needs to get over himself! Rose as a mother is really amazing. At the end of the day, she still likes "tiny edible people" and she can still laugh at the Doctor suggesting jelly babies as an alternative! And I absolutely adore Saul, who is coping quite beautifully with the boys. I think Saul shows us the best of this family, and what it is capable of becoming. Thank you so much for continuing this great story! :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks for all the kind words, really :)

Koshiba2007.11.13 - 02:36PM12: Chapter 12Signed
When Rose said she was taking the boys and staying with her mum I wibbled a little. =( But the Doctor saying he needed her to stay made it better. I'm loving this story, but I wish I wasn't all caught up! ;D

Just curious, does the Doctor have two sonic screwdrivers? Cause I thought Rom had nicked it...

Author's Response: he\'s got like ten of \'em. Violet nicked another one ages back LOL. He doesn\'t know its missing yet. its ok. he doesn\'t know he\'s short two tardises, instead of one yet either ;) he\'s always the last told about everything ;)

Koshiba2007.11.12 - 05:10PM4: Chapter 4Signed
*snicker* The Jack hero-worship (and insistence that he's Batman) is horribly amusing.

I've been reading through the whole series this past week or so, and I'm loving the ride. Violet's quite the character, and the boys are adorable. What a way to name your kids though... XD

Author's Response: ... but he IS batman. ... Isn\'t he?? hehe glad you\'re enjoying everything!

roguewords_252007.11.06 - 06:04PM12: Chapter 12Signed
omg, i've read everything up to this in the past three or four days. And now there's no conclusion! (yet.) Great work on this. I'm very intrigued on how it all works out.

Author's Response: wow thats a lot of reading for just a few days :) I\'ll finish it as soon as possible, promise!

MichAre1a2007.11.05 - 09:41PM12: Chapter 12Signed
Oy.. *shakes head* It's just such a huge mess!!!

Author's Response: yup :)

jessdoctorwho212007.11.05 - 05:47AM12: Chapter 12Signed
I wonder when everythings over if Rose will stick to her guns and take the boys to go live with her mother?

I can see the Doctors point of view regarding Timelord children with human morality but I can see it from Rose side aswell,their her children and I think she would like to see the Doctor treat all their children equally.

Perhaps if Violet was raised by both of her parents she nmight not of made suc a mess of her life?

Poor Branden and Rom being confined to a Tardis for a month-those boys need to let off some steam or perhaps this will be a good learning curve to improve their behaviour.

Surely Arten must be missing his mother with not being very old?

Author's Response: Arten does miss his mother. I think Saul\'s mental promises to get him back to his mother as soon as possible are going to wear thin with the little guy.

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