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Kelkat92011.12.25 - 08:34PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
That was quite funny - You had me giggling at “Baby Poopus Maximus!”

Scifinut2009.02.21 - 10:58PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
Pale squishy bits of Time Lord thigh, indeed! Absolutely hilarious to read this, though. LSD and clowns for the win!

Author's Response: :)

Shen2007.09.29 - 06:41PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
For some reason, the phrase "Tab A and Slot B" set me cackling for a couple of minutes. :) Great story, though, seriously.

Author's Response: thanks :) glad you enjoyed ;)

sisterstyx2007.06.20 - 10:39PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
ok, so i wasn't convinced until " feel the need to put a plastic bag over my head and asphyxiate myself. Ooh, ooh. I can electrocute AND asphyxiate myself. Maybe choke to death on spare TARDIS parts" ...then i laughed my ass off...but i still don't get it all....could you name the children and give their ages? or would that just be too simple ;) jk

Author's Response: Sorry :) it was part of a longer series. I think it IS confusing, now that a few people have mentioned it, and I may go back and make it a little more clear when I have some time.

followthesiren2007.06.02 - 04:06PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
That was awesome! I love that Rom can say poopie in seven languages. That's hilarious, I was laughing my ass off. Great story!!

Author's Response: aww thanks :)

MichAre1a2007.05.05 - 01:11AM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
Hehe, that was very cute :-)

Author's Response: thnx :)

Wiliam2007.05.03 - 10:59PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
Wow. What a perfectly rounded fic. I was thoroughly confused as to how many children they ended up having in the end (I haven't read the doors series, I suppose that may contain some explanation), and as to which children were already concieved, which were already grown, and which were yet to come. Still, it didn't seem to matter. Perfect mix of humour, characterisation and just the tiniest dab of smutty stuff. The line 'And in an almost bastard-like sort of way, he watched her watching him.' made my mouth go dry. Not sure why. Possibly the thought of the Doctor being all bastardy. :-/

Author's Response: four total so far ;) yeah I had a feeling it was a bit confusing, but, well, i did it anyways LOL. I guess you just like your doctors bastardly ;)

jessdoctorwho212007.05.03 - 03:04PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned

Author's Response: Thanks :)

Daydreamer2007.05.03 - 02:47PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
“They were pink monkeys! How was I supposed to know pink monkeys would fling poo at you?”


As i have said, repeatedly - I love the way you write! If you ever publish anything, I will buy it and plug it to all my mates!

Author's Response: aww thanks for very much. so far my published stuff is relegated to academia... but if I do swing something \"real,\" i\'ll letcha know :)

Binah2007.05.03 - 02:25PM1: The Clowns Made Me Do ItSigned
Oh man, that was great.

Author's Response: thanks :)

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