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Reviews For Flip-flops

TheLadyFirenze2013.03.13 - 03:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Love it! Sometimes hard to follow whose kid is whose but, ill get it! Promise!

trekkiesara2011.03.27 - 10:16PM1: Chapter 1Anonymous

Author's Response: Thanks!

Jenrose2010.09.23 - 05:48PM1: Chapter 1Signed

Author's Response: Thanks :)

Nancy Brown2009.09.20 - 04:56PM1: Chapter 1Signed
*huggles the crack*

Author's Response: Hehehe thanks :)

JabberwockyPie2008.03.07 - 11:14AM1: Chapter 1Signed
*snort* very very cute. It'd be nice to see more ficlets with them. (I love tiembabies. Even cracktastic ones.)

Author's Response: It could happen :)

JabberwockyPie2008.03.07 - 11:13AM1: Chapter 1Signed
*snort* very very cute. It'd be nice to see more ficlets with them. (I love tiembabies. Even cracktastic ones.)

Author's Response: Whoops! Double posties!

dragonwho2007.11.01 - 05:18PM1: Chapter 1Signed
OK...as I wipe away the tears from laughing so hard at this series...
Waren is hysterical...he's gonna be dangerous! Don't suppose we could have more snapshots of this rather unconventional family, huh? Please, pretty please.....

Author's Response: hmm... maaaaybe :) if the fancy strikes me ;)

Fizzix2007.11.01 - 05:06PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Now this one I know I've read, but it must have been at a no-log-in zone, because there's not a review from me. And I'm not that bad of a person, I swear it.

And it's funny, and amusing, and has been ever since I read it before.

Author's Response: glad it\'s still enjoyable the second time aroun!

followthesiren2007.05.29 - 02:30AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Wow. Just wow. Daddy's responsible for all the Gallifreyan birthin'. Brilliant. Although I must say, it would be a cute little family and those kids would most certainly be loved. Crazy and cracked out as it is, it also makes me happy! :)

Author's Response: lol glad you enjoyed :) happycrack is important

MichAre1a2007.05.01 - 09:55PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Hahaha, incredibly funny, quite enjoying it ;-D

Author's Response: THANKSvery much :)

rea_p2007.04.29 - 06:30AM1: Chapter 1Signed
yay crackfic! and I love the ending!

Author's Response: lolz :) glad you enjoyed!

Wiliam2007.04.27 - 12:03AM1: Chapter 1Signed
*snorts innapropriately*
I think I'm getting addicted to this strange little family. Very amusing that Warren can't figure out how the only human male/female mating in the threesome would go. Also, did Jack and the Doctor have caesars or what? o.O That's just an image that's been bugging me.
lol, awesome story. It's crack, yet... so. very. awesome. Like, the good sort of crack. Well written. Yeah, that's what I mean. Well written, and in character, and amusing, and with excellent dialogue. Thankyou for a brilliant distraction from chemistry.
*sighs* I really suppose I have to get back to it now, don't I. You wouldn't consider immediately posting another story would you?

Author's Response: LOLZ well i have some graduate school finals I need to do first LOL

DameRuth2007.04.26 - 09:52PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Crack like this is so funny, it should be illegal . . . whaddaya mean, it is illegal? Ah, well, that makes it an especially guilty pleasure. ;) :D Love this happy, if confusing, family . . .

Author's Response: LOLZ It\'s only illegal in 36 states ;)

Kesomon2007.04.26 - 09:46PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh my god the crack. XD this was hilarious.

Author's Response: LOL as long as you thought it was cracky enough ;) THANKS!!

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