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Reviews For Bunny Slippers

Fizzix2007.11.01 - 05:02PM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
Haha, you made me LOL. (You know, that always sounds funnier inside your head. Or out loud.) No, somehow I'd not read this one (though I'd read some others). I didn't neglect to fave you did I? If so, we're fixing that.

Author's Response: hehe. glad i could make ya laugh!!

followthesiren2007.05.29 - 02:21AM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
Ah, poop and children that only shut up long enough to shag you. Priceless.

Author's Response: lol thanks ;)

Wiliam2007.03.29 - 06:17AM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
From the title to the end, I was snickering all the way through.
So... Waren is Doctor X Jack, and the current baby in making is Jack X Rose? It's a little confusing. And silly Jack; you think he'd be experienced enough to know about the wonders of contraception by now. Maybe he just likes having babies. You'd never know, with Jack.
(have I mentioned you should write more Jack stories? I like Jack)

Author's Response: first one is doctor & jack, second one is Rose/Doctor. I guess that would make Rose the daddy ;)

MichAre1a2007.03.27 - 11:19PM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
lmao! This was great! I hope to read more! hehehe :-)

Author's Response: ... you never know. I could be crazy enough to do more!

RosesBud2007.03.25 - 05:17AM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
Heh he, Waren could be my little boy - so cute!

Author's Response: Tis the age group. It\'s all poop and dinosaurs till they discover that girls have germs LOL

DameRuth2007.03.25 - 05:14AM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
OMG, that just cracked me up. What great execution of such a totally warped idea. And little Waren -- half Jack and half Ten? No kidding he'll grow up to be a charmer . . . ! :D

Author's Response: A charmer that never shuts up long enough to pass on his genetic material LOL

DW_NuTs2007.03.25 - 01:59AM1: The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers of RassilonSigned
have candy and play on the swings and in sand boxes and the truly magnificent BIG PIECE OF POOP HE FOUND THERE for Jack to clean his little face.

The boy toddled after her, into the kitchen, explaining in great detail the shape of the poop. It was like a round thing, but like a triangle thing. Like a pyramid. But round. And made out of poop…
hoping for a few minutes of non-poop oriented discourse.

Oh my god I laughed for ten minutes out loud at those parts, this was so damn funny!!!!

Author's Response: hehehehehehe. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Thats the sort of thing kids find fascinating at that age ;)

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