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Yorda2009.08.28 - 10:05PM2: A Chance Encounter...Signed
Usually, I don't like an author-created Doctor, but this Doctor is awesome! Love the fact that neither Doctor nor Rose recognizes each other. Love the chasing the squirrel through the park part--that's sooo Doctor and Rose. Love it, love it, love it!

Author's Response: Why thank you so much :)

Violet2008.07.10 - 11:11AM1: A Welcome Distraction...Signed
wonderful. totally in character. You had me on the edge of my seat even though I could guess what would probably happen.

I avoided this one for a while because I didn't want something too sad right now. I'm glad I decided to brave it this morning.

Author's Response: awwwww why thank you very much :)

Kazzy2008.06.21 - 06:29PM3: Chapter 3Signed
It's not often I read around here anymore. But I'm glad I clicked the link to this rec. Reading this fic made my morning. I can't say what I love abobut this best, but I do love the whole idea of them meeting after so long and having no idea who they are - it just made their eventual reunion all the better. Thank you! :)

Author's Response: why thank you very much!

Unseen Watcher2008.03.02 - 10:56PM1: A Welcome Distraction...Signed
I do admit that it's a bit confusing that this is in the 'Tenth Doctor' section. I might have never found it! *gasps in horror*
Still enjoying it and printing it out for sanity reasons when I can't be at the computer. ^_~

Author's Response: The first part was supposed to be a one-off, and since there really was no doctor in it, tenth seemed good! maybe I should relabel it as \"other\" doctors or somethign?

Unseen Watcher2008.02.06 - 11:03PM2: A Chance Encounter...Signed
This is the best Author Created Doctor I've ever encoutered. He's so believable that I think I just automatically accepted him. Now /that's/ talented. I'm very impressed.

Author's Response: Oh wow thanks very much!!!

Shen2007.10.11 - 02:03PM3: Chapter 3Signed
This made me smile. :)

Author's Response: Glad i could provide a smile :)

Kathy DaCat2007.03.31 - 10:59AM1: A Welcome Distraction...Signed
=-) I wish...

Author's Response: hehe. so do I, obviously...

jessdoctorwho212007.03.31 - 05:57AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Fantastic ending.

Author's Response: thanks :)

Wiliam2007.03.30 - 09:29PM3: Chapter 3Signed
guh. So perfect it's frozen my tongue. I just wanna sorta... bask...

But I'll try to give a review, because you more than deserve one.
The ending was absolutely ideal! Of course, I'm completely Jack-happy, so anytime the three of them get reunited, I go into spasms of bliss. The weirder the way, the more I like it.
A cat named Tabatha? It took me a while to work out what the litter-box thing was. Now I feel stupid. Heh... Rose became a crazy-cat lady in her old age. *giggle*
One issue that is bothering me is how did she see the Doctor and her younger self in the park at the start?
I like how you used the Zeppelins to indicate the universe- it was sorta... understated, and nice.
And then the whole great romance... 8D
It couldn't have been done better. Thankyou for a fantastic read. (favourites)

Author's Response: just a tabby type of cat :) she was watching another couple that reminded her an awful lot of her and the Doctor in the first part. yes ,she became a crazy cat lady LOL. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the long, enthusiastic review!

kiss_her_theta2007.03.30 - 09:24PM3: Chapter 3Signed
omg!! i love this idea!!!!!!!!! :D

Author's Response: thanks very much :) glad you enjoyed :)

Wiliam2007.03.30 - 09:13PM2: A Chance Encounter...Signed
I think I'm falling in love with this story. I assumed it was just a one-shot. Amazingly, as is so very rare in fanfic, the 2nd chapter was better than the stand-alone would have been. You've gotten me all excited. I like how you've aged Rose. I won't ask too many quesitons, because I trust you to resolve them later (like, what universe are they in exactly, and why is Rose immortal?). Going to read the next chappie now. (also adore your update speed ;D)

ps. 'which she couldn’t bare' That should be bear (synonym for tolerate, stand, put up with, as opposed to naked, or exposed).

Author's Response: maybe I was trying to be clever, you don\'t know ;) hehehe. I thought it was just a one-shot too, but a second part decided it wanted to be written. I am but a humble servant :) hopefully you\'ll like the third part too ;)

wmr2007.03.30 - 07:08PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Copied over from the other fic:

I loved this third chapter - loved the Doctor and Jack's conversation, the Doctor going back for 'Roslyn', and then Jack snogging Rose at the end. Great work!

One little nitpick, though - you have Rose say:

“God. I usually make sure I get a last name before rolling in the hay with somebody. It figures the one time I don’t , it’s because it’s you.”

And then, just a few lines below, there's this exchange:

His cheek twitched. “Yeah. Conveniant excuse. Never dawned on you when I said my name was John Smith?”

Rose rolled her eyes. “D’you know how many John Smiths I’ve met in the last hundred and eighty years?

She did get his surname... :)

Lovely story!

Author's Response: LOL you\'re too kind. She knew his name wasn\'t john and that smith was an alias. girl tries to get a real last name before tumbling in the hay with a fellow. I hope. Otherwise that\'s just slutty LOL

LilStarKat2007.03.30 - 03:38PM2: A Chance Encounter...Signed
omg its the doctor isnt it?!? she really must have changed for the doctor not to have recognised her (that depends whether it is the doctor or not lol =P)
really going well so far, really loving it! plz update soon! =)

Author's Response: I think I just did. Possibly correctly this time too LOL

wmr2007.03.29 - 09:18PM2: A Chance Encounter...Signed
Oh, wow, wow, wow! Amazing! So the Doctor's regenerated, and this is a long, long time after Doomsday, and - has Rose regenerated, or is she just disguising herself well?

And I love the comments about Jack. And especially the 'he'd love to watch' bit. No, he wouldn't - he'd want to join in, and we'd all want him to!

But then you left it there and... *splutter splutter* More!

Author's Response: more soon :) promise :) glad you enjoyed.

Pink_Rose2007.03.29 - 01:09PM2: A Chance Encounter...Signed
Excellent! Even better than the first, I think. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: hopefully it won\'t be too long before the other part of this is done :) glad you enjoyed!

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