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Reviews For But Broken Lights

angry_turtle722015.12.12 - 10:04PM11: Chapter 11Signed
This is honestly the best ten/rose fanfiction I've ever read, it shows a different side of their relationship that I haven't read before.... I would really like that sequel!

ten_and_a_rose2015.03.25 - 12:18PM11: Chapter 11Signed
So many people have reviewed and echoed my sentiments already, but I must chime in. This is far and away the most deeply intelligent, mature, and *real* treatment of the complex relationship between Ten and Rose that I have so far read. Your insights into both characters are spot on, and you've portrayed each of them as full persons, not simply archetypes or ideals. Put together with your ability to craft a fantastic story and portray a real crisis between them - one that I could easily see happening - and we are lucky enough to get this amazing piece of writing. "Well done" doesn't begin to express it!

Key2014.10.20 - 02:06AM11: Chapter 11Signed
This is seriously the most different and interesting take on their relationship while still being so in character and deep and loving. Wow. The cricket revelation was a little mind-blowing, and then getting to really understand the Doctor's perspective on it...whew. I'm going to have to read it again and again. Wishing for the sequel!

OAI2013.05.02 - 10:28PM11: Chapter 11Signed
This is very well done. You write 10 and Rose in such a way that I could see this being cannon; the mix of seriousness and humor is spot on. The UST is freakin' unbearable - just like in the show! Loved 10's behavior when he had the head injury that was great. I look forward to the sequel. :)

Angela Jewell2011.12.31 - 11:54AM11: Chapter 11Signed
This was wonderful - Rose and the Doctor were very in-character, and I love how you were able to keep things interesting when they were literally stuck in a hole for a majority of the story, lol. Seeing the Doctor acting loopy was hilarious, and it was really sweet when he referred to Rose as his sun. I also enjoyed the bits of Tennyson sprinkled throughout, espeically the part at the end, when Rose wondered what the Doctor had done to that poor man's cheese sandwich, lol.

I just loved everything about this - thanks so much for taking the time to write it all down. Their adventures never truly end thanks to amazing, talented writers like you. Oh! And fall has come and gone... so where's our Heartbreak Hotel Sequel, haha?! ^_^

Mme_de_Pompadour2010.10.04 - 07:33AM11: Chapter 11Signed
Oh, my stars and garters!! Bloody brilliant!!

Saun2010.04.26 - 03:11AM11: Chapter 11Signed
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I'm so glad I found your work. It's 3 AM and I couldn't stop reading!

RedCirce2009.09.26 - 07:58PM11: Chapter 11Signed
This story is brilliant and gorgeous. So much so, I'm not really sure what to say. The characterization, the dialogue, the disco crickets, the poetry, the pit rambling: all of it wonderful. Great, great work.

OncomingBadWolf2008.11.12 - 02:17PM11: Chapter 11Signed
Well, this was just about one of THE most amazing, wonderful, incredible things I've ever, ever read! I HAD to read it all the way through (sorry I couldn't stop to review each chapter, but I just COULDN'T stop).
Really, really brilliant characterization (sp?). Better than the show, I'd say. And I loved the fact that at some point both Rose and the Doctor appeared absolutally bonkers: Rose when she was having the panic attack and hitting, and shouting at, the Doctor; and the Doctor in that hole, talking about rubbish. (Rubish that actually often made a lot of sense) I particular like it when he was talking about the sun setting - a beautiful metaphor on Rose's immortality with him.
The Whole thing was.
The only complaint I have is that I couldn't find the sequel, though falls been and gone :(
...other than that: JUST WOW! You are now on my fave author list. (You should be very proud, if a little lonely, there's only one other there to keep you company) :D

captainbanana2008.08.22 - 05:44AM11: Chapter 11Signed
well where do i start... amazing. i meant to leave a few more reviews, but i sort of... um... got too hung up on finding out what happened. *goes red* sorry!

i loved this, you're a brilliant writer and i'm so glad there's more that hopefully is already waiting for me

lyin2008.08.21 - 11:46PM11: Chapter 11Signed
somehow i did not even realize there was a last chapter~ anyway, SO glad there was, it was a wonderfully splendid wrap-up (i especially loved the Doctor's 'ooh, they're not extinct!' reaction to the Giant F-B Manatee) and i'm so glad there's a sequel, since this was terrific. great work :D

Lizzie246012008.08.02 - 01:37AM11: Chapter 11Signed
Christ that last chapter's hot. Much more so than icky graphic sex fics. And the dialog is spot-on throughout.

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 07:36PM11: Chapter 11Signed
That was incredable! What a story and adventure! Emotions ran wild and the characters stayed true all the way through! Bravo! I've got to admit, I was sooo angry with the Doctor when he was treating her so cold again after everything Rose did for him but I love the way it ended. And that bit right at the end sounded great. Trust The Doctor to choose somewhere dangerous to 'relax'. *rolls eyes* lol. Anyway, brilliant fic. Absolutly loved it! *faved*

spacecowboy2008.06.24 - 03:47PM11: Chapter 11Signed
...I don't even know what to say. Oh, it's so GOOD!! I love you.
The bit where Rose talks about the little boy she knew with his insects...that's so bloody good. Brilliantly observed and brilliantly thought out and brilliantly written.
Not to mention some really classic vintage class-A Doctorbabble and some gorgeous dialogue.
And I do love the fire-breathing manatee and the disco cricket.
You're *brilliant*.

Wish Wielder2008.06.11 - 06:56PM11: Chapter 11Signed
There is only one word I can think of to properly describe this story: GUH. I found it from a rec on T&C, 'n ho'shiz am I glad I decided to read it. The fic was a rollercoaster (my favorite kind, actually), but through all the emotions you had running through this you still managed to keep them both in character - and set up for what sounds like a snazzin' continuation! I love the Tennyson connection, too, 'n your title/tie-in is gorgeous. (I'm just gonna oogle for a bit, 'cause seriously. Awesome job on this.)

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