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Reviews For But Broken Lights

lyin2008.08.21 - 11:28PM10: Chapter 10Signed
wow, a stunningly perfect fic- everything, the dialogue especially, but the emotions and the humor and other-worldliness (Disco Cricket! man-eating fire-breathing manatees!... well, 'manatee' sounds like it'd think we're tasty, once you think about it)- anyway, thanks for the fabulous read, it was pitch-perfect :D

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 06:57PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Beautiful choice of poem. Goes perfectly with the equally beautiful story!

whochick2007.07.29 - 08:22PM10: Chapter 10Signed
The best opening and finishing sentences ever found in a fanfic of any genre! You crack me up and choke me up all at the same time, you clever little thing, you.

Jula2007.07.29 - 05:48PM10: Chapter 10Signed
That last line was the best line in a fic evah! Loved it!!!

RosesBud2007.07.29 - 03:31PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Ha ha, fantastic. Loved telepathic crickets, tender Rose and her sudden tears at reading the poem and getting him a little more. Really great writing.

Howlcastle2007.07.29 - 03:08PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Great chapter - loved the reappearence of Disco! Yay! Loved Rose's tender care of the Doctor, and the last line was a nice "Rose" moment. Also loved his half-comatose reaction to her cleaning his head/neck wounds...

DalekSteph2007.07.29 - 10:04AM10: Chapter 10Signed
And we have a title! That is amazing -- I've enjoyed reading this stuff through you!

And, Disco Cricket saves the day!! Very... hmm... nice...

And -- my chest totally ached when Coma!Doctor nuzzles Rose -- he really does have bad timing -- and he's a Time Lord, after all! Goodness!

I know I've said it before -- but you really can't update fast enough. I love this story. I absolutely love it.

Oh -- and Rose hasn't really taken care of herself, besides the loo & biscuits and all... I bet the Doctor'll be ticked when he does finally wake up. (UnLESS those are *special* gloves... That'd be cool too -- but everyone loves a Worried!Doctor....)

Bravo, again and again.

DameRuth2007.07.29 - 09:16AM10: Chapter 10Signed
Heh! Loved the comment about bad timing, and Rose's newfound understanding of the Doc's POV. Not to mention Disco Crickets. :D

Fire Storm2007.07.29 - 08:53AM10: Chapter 10Signed
Cricket to the rescue :) Aww, this chapter was brilliant. I loved the last sentence. I dislike poetry really, but I still love this story. Can't wait for the next part :)

quiddity2007.07.29 - 08:37AM10: Chapter 10Signed
Oh! It always makes me so happy when I see that you've posted!

jessdoctorwho212007.07.29 - 07:15AM10: Chapter 10Signed
Great chapter.

Sournote2007.07.29 - 03:59AM10: Chapter 10Signed
*wipes away tears* beautiful! I'm inspired to go and look up Tennyson's poetry now. Loved the Disco Cricket and its signpost. Very Douglas Adams :P

frannie2007.07.29 - 03:57AM10: Chapter 10Signed
telepathic crickets. now thats freeking awesome. Yay.

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