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Reviews For But Broken Lights

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 06:40PM9: Chapter 9Signed
lol, bless that Tardis and her distaste of profanity. Brilliantly evil cliffehanger....must go read on!

np_complete2007.07.28 - 02:53PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Ah! A cliff-hanger! Literally!

A fire-breathing manatee? Who designed this planet?

Love this story.

TARDIS_stowaway2007.07.28 - 12:05AM9: Chapter 9Signed
This story is absolutely brilliant. I love how you make the reader feel the jeopardy the characters are in, both physically and emotionally. The Doctor's ramblings earlier are both funny and very, very scary...rather like this fire-breathing manatee. You have a great feel for dialog. I can't wait for more!

DW_NuTs2007.07.27 - 05:31AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Worth the wait as usual!
Nice Japanese touch at the end hehe.
Man, how many people want Rose and the Doctor to hurry up and get themselves back to the TARDIS so they can FINALLY show their feelings through...
having tea...

arwentheta2007.07.26 - 11:36PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Love the chapter, not that I didn't like the other ones, no on the contrary, all of them are great. I just wish the Doctor and Rose could get back in the Tardis and snuggle. Well, and also do the horizontal mambo, but well that is a way too much to ask for now. Thanks again for the great chapter.

sisterstyx2007.07.26 - 12:17AM9: Chapter 9Signed
hehehe, japonese......silly. very silly, you know that right?

Author's Response: Do I ever.

whochick2007.07.25 - 07:24PM9: Chapter 9Signed
I just read all nine chapters and loved them. You have a fabulous grasp on both Ten and Rose's voices ... I can hear Tennant and Piper in every syllable. You've managed to make an interesting story around a very localised area, which is difficult to achieve and I'm duly impressed. In fact, the whole thing is impressive! I especially liked the Doctor's concussed rambling ... made me giggle.

Jula2007.07.25 - 06:32PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Cliffhangers are Eeeeeeevil!

DalekSteph2007.07.25 - 06:06PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Oooh! I read this twice at work today (couldn't review from work!) -- it was so worth the wait. I love how Rose interacts with the TARDIS. It amuses me so much...

And that pulley system! Huzzah! Now if she can only get herself & the Doctor away from a fire-breathing above-water manatee, we'll be good.

How sweet your Injured!Doctor is! I love reading him. Your work, as always, is simply amazing.

anne3rose2007.07.25 - 04:37PM9: Chapter 9Signed
I love this story! I love the Doctor rambling away and letting Rose in on his thoughts and feelings. I could do with out the firebreathing monster! Bad monster, no biscuit for you!

Howlcastle2007.07.25 - 03:02PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Curiouser and curiouser! Looking forward to what's in store...Daisuke desuyo!

hellhathnofury2007.07.25 - 01:37PM9: Chapter 9Signed
::cheers:: Go Rose!

jessdoctorwho212007.07.25 - 11:07AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Great chapter.

Tante2007.07.25 - 11:04AM9: Chapter 9Signed
If the man-eating fire manatee had had any sort of sentience at all, it probably would have wondered why she was speaking Japanese.

That's a brilliant closing line. Takes the edge of the cliffhanger nicely by making the reader hark back to witty moments in earlier chapters.

This is a marvellous story. It's not easy to write an action/adventure fic with only two characters. Well, with occasional walk-on appearances by the TARDIS and now, of course, you have the man-eating, fire-breathing, giant manatee, a fun monster idea by the way.

Still, not easy to keep the reader engaged while your principal characters are twiddling their thumbs in a pit, but you did it beautifully. Can't wait to see what the manatee adds to the mix.

Fire Storm2007.07.25 - 08:34AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Hey, I'm getting a quite early review in this time. Why? Because SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!

Now I can read without feeling guilty about it!
Wow. Just wow. He's finally surrendered then. And the ending! Eep, I'd hate to be Rose in that position. Amazing, all the action and deadly mortal peril they're in, and the TARDIS still blocks swearing. I did quite like that part, which is a good acheivement seeing as I detest swearing.
Loved it again! Really glad you're writing this :)

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