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ARoseByAnotherName2008.09.14 - 02:51AM8: Chapter 8Signed
My gut started to hurt right at the point when he talked about how impatient humans were, about lying in bed after a nightmare, afraid that no matter what you would still be alone, and then the sun rising. The crux of the story was right here, for me, though I suppose it is different for everybody. The part where she sees, without a doubt, what she is for him, touched me deeply and left me afraid that you would just let him die, right there. Because the thing is, this fiction smacks of real life, wherein things like death happen far more frequently than impossible escapes. And you touch into the heart of that terrible loneliness. Actually makes me ache.

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 06:28PM8: Chapter 8Signed
What a wonderful chapter. You went from positively scary with The Doctor just about loosing it completely, to warm and fuzzy and never loosing the humour. This story is quite frankly, amazing! I am enjoying it so much I don't wnat it to end..... but at the same time I want the Doctor to get help. Gah, I'm torn! lol. You are a brilliant writer, this and all the rest has proven it to me.

DW_NuTs2007.12.27 - 09:30PM8: Chapter 8Signed
“Language, Rose! There are impressionable rocks about.”
I just marvel at how you can make everything he says sound just...right. They're conversations are SO in character it drives me mad that I'm not that good! I'm re reading this because it has to be one of the best stories I've read!

DW_NuTs2007.07.25 - 02:31AM8: Chapter 8Signed
“Then why on earth did you let me do it?”
“It made me feel pretty.”

LOL!! I choked on my tea at that!
This is such a fantastic mixture of sad, cute, dark, awww-worthiness and something bordering creepy or undsettling.
ps YAY I'm all cauhgt up! updates please!!

RosesBud2007.07.24 - 06:27AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Beautifully written. I loved the image of Rose painting Nine's toes and then her disappointment when the Doctor said his new toes might not like her touching them.

Howlcastle2007.07.23 - 02:57PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Something both warming and utterly terrifying about this chapter. Can't wait for more, please, please!

LilStarKat2007.07.23 - 02:46PM8: Chapter 8Signed
I hope when they finally get out of this situation they've found themselves in they talk more about their feelings, cos i think they really do love/like each other much more than friends....
And poor Doctor, he seems to be getting worse doesnt he. He even forgot her there for a moment which was kind of worrying...
Brilliant, please post another chapter soon! =)

Fire Storm2007.07.23 - 10:01AM8: Chapter 8Signed
I can't think of anything to say.

Fantastic. Amazing. Epic. Brilliant.

No, they don't even begin to describe this. The build up for this is just... wow. I love all of these talks between Rose and the Doctor. Poor Doctor. Poor Rose too really. With all the attention focused on the Doctor, I forgot about what happened to her hands :(
This is one of the best stories I've read. Including Harry Potter...

little batti2007.07.23 - 07:11AM8: Chapter 8Signed
So much fun to read all this banter.

Please update soon.

RudeAndNotGinger2007.07.23 - 06:05AM8: Chapter 8Signed
I agree with everything that everyone else has already said.

It's nice to hear a bit more about Rose's past. Loved the Smurf bit, haha.

jessdoctorwho212007.07.23 - 03:06AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Great chapter.

DameRuth2007.07.23 - 12:52AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Brilliant. Freakin' wish-I-could-write-like-that brilliant. Sweet and funny and scary all together. I utterly love the image of Rose painting Nine's toenails with glitter polish while she thought he was sleeping . . . and him letting her!

frannie2007.07.23 - 12:32AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Why do you do this to me? do you want me to beg? Is that it? I'll beg if need be, but there should be more to this story.

ann_blue2007.07.22 - 09:13PM8: Chapter 8Signed
I'm glad you keep this story coming. But I agree, I'm getting anxious for some action. While at the same time, its nice to see a deep conversation between Rose and the Doctor.

And may I just saw bravo on the description of nightmares. It was so vivid and accurate to what go through when I have nightmares. I've never seen it better done.

Please continue with this story and tell me there is still hope in saving the Doctor (I'm very worried about him).

Update soon!!!!!

DalekSteph2007.07.22 - 06:34PM8: Chapter 8Signed
I am starting to get impatient for them to get out of that hole!!! (However endearing this Doctor you write is...) but seriously... Poor Rose, she can only have him reveal so many truths about himself before she falls over from revelation. He really is so sweet. I love this stoy more than anything and hope that you continue soon!

(I wish there was a "Loved it" option for the opinion menu.)

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