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serenadesweetie2012.05.28 - 02:24AM7: Chapter 7Signed
So, first off, I'm only halfway through, but I'm enjoying it so much I had to review in between. I LOVE In Memoriam. I am so delighted at the number of stanzas you've quoted and how perfectly they fit. I also love Tennyson's rosebud quote you inserted--beautiful. The number of emotions I've felt so far while reading this is slightly impressive. I was FURIOUS at Rose in the beginning, and actually said "You bitch" out loud. And then there were eyes welling with tears and rather loud HAHS of laughter (which were completely inappropriate given their angsty setting). But I love the voice you've given the Doctor and Rose and the perfection of their characterizations. I can actually hear Billie Piper and David Tennant saying these lines, and that's not something I can say for all fanfictions. It's wonderful how in-character everything is.

And now that I'm done gushing, off to finish the story! :D

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 06:09PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Wow I never thought I'd see the day that the Doctor said that he next wanted to visit carlisle, England 1971. What happened in Carlisle in 1971? Hmmm, I'm intrigued. Anyway, that gave me a nice suprise! He he

Still thourally enjoying the story! So funny and yet unerving at the same time. Poor Rose, now the Doctor doesn't even remember her? O.o

DW_NuTs2007.07.25 - 02:19AM7: Chapter 7Signed
If Time Lords call it whoopee, then no wonder you never get a shag
I laughed so much at that!!!
He's starting to scare me, just a little bit. He shouldn't be like this!!! Damn Rose and her emotional 'You're gonna leave me behind' problems. It's her fault!! *gasp* What am I saying? Rose rocks!

arwentheta2007.07.22 - 02:57AM7: Chapter 7Signed
I have been a quiet fan of this story, loving every chapter, yet fearing the future of the story. This chapter made me laugh, but also fear for the Doctor's sanity and was to tell you the truth perfect. Please continue with the story....

Love... Irene

Tennantsgirl2007.07.17 - 09:53AM7: Chapter 7Signed
ok not too sure weather me laughing through the last two chapters was intentional, but yeah laughing aside, the doctro is starting to creep me out a little (enven thought I've not laughed so much in ages)
please update soon

Howlcastle2007.07.16 - 03:04PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Another sublimely gripping chapter - you have me hook line and sinker. Loved the boarderline coherence of the Doctor and his ramblings. Loved Rose trying to keep it in focus. And the ispy game?! Heck - i just loved it all. Looking forward to your next installment!

RosesBud2007.07.16 - 04:58AM7: Chapter 7Signed
This is a fabulous story. Read chapter one eons ago and have been offline for a bit so very excited to discover it had been updated. I love the balance between angst, tension, drama, tension! Brain damaged doctor so well written and terrifying for Rose and reader alike that he is so not himself. Nevermind the houling coming steadily closer...!

Forgotten Journal2007.07.15 - 06:23PM7: Chapter 7Signed
I'm not sure what I am more scared of for poor Rose, either the creature that is howling or an unhinged Doctor.

Excellent chapter! A well written out of character Doctor which is so believable. And what a way to bring up the subject of sex. Poor poor Rose.

Waiting 'patiently' for the next chapter.

wmr2007.07.15 - 04:19PM7: Chapter 7Signed
It's funny, but it's also very, very scary, because we know that even at his most ridiculous the Doctor wouldn't behave like this. He's in a bad way, and Rose knows it, and no wonder she's terrified. He's not completely gone, because he knows he could heal himself and he won't because he's trying to protect her - but doesn't he see that he can't do a lot to protect her in this state?

Oh, but I do love him being the one to bring up the possibility of them having sex? Later, she's going to be so frustrated that the only time he'll raise it as something that could happen is when he's out of his mind. :/

Poor Rose!

jessdoctorwho212007.07.15 - 04:08PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Great chapter.

LilStarKat2007.07.15 - 01:37PM7: Chapter 7Signed
I think the Doctor had better keep his mouth shut and soon, even though he cant help it, cos something might come into the open that he definantly doesnt want to be....
And what's with the Whopee? Seriously i really hope that's only the concussion talking! =)

ann_blue2007.07.15 - 12:44PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Suddenly I'm completely terrified of the Doctor and for him.

I think its time Rose take a risk and leave the looney to save him.

Great job. Please update soon

Fire Storm2007.07.15 - 12:35PM7: Chapter 7Signed
I know some of it does seem quiet funny, but it is very unsettling. The Doctor has brain damage. He needs immediate medical attention. Amnesia and severe personality changes... Rose is right, it's very scary. I'd hate to be in her posistion. To be honest, the Doctor isn't any help at alll now, it's all up to Rose.
Update soon please :)

quiddity2007.07.15 - 07:53AM7: Chapter 7Signed
thank you, thank you, thank you! Please continue!!

TorchwoodDoctor2007.07.15 - 07:15AM7: Chapter 7Signed
HAHA brilliant!

'whoopee' HAHAH

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