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Reviews For But Broken Lights

JA Ingram2013.11.11 - 10:15PM6: Chapter 6Signed
I love it when I see a writer who knows how to use their brain and cut the crap! Thank you for understanding who your characters are and, more importantly, who they are striving to become!

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 05:03PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Lol, brilliant, just brilliant! I'd completely forgotten that there was a tunnel leading out of Rose's hole. Love the Doctor's behavour from being banged on the head and I love the way he told Rose that the Doctor wasn't his name but he couldn't tell her what it was. It's so superbly written. I love it!

DW_NuTs2007.07.25 - 02:08AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Oh no...a howl??? Just when things started to seem okay.
ps I also have a soft spot for an out of it Doctor, this has very much satisfied my tastebuds!
pps Did that make sense or do I need to check if I'm having a concussion?

DameRuth2007.07.10 - 02:58AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Wow. Love what you've done in portraying Rose and Ten -- beautiful character work and dialogue/interaction. Also wonderful turns of phrase. I really liked this bit:
“A nice, homey pit. Lined with…” There was a pause. “Black shale, I should think, given the tang of unoxidized carbon. Not terribly exciting, as rock goes.”
You don't have to tell the reader he's just licked the wall for them to know it's happened. Brilliant! I should be reviewing each chapter separately, but am pressed for time. Hopefully I can be more specific in the future!

sisterstyx2007.07.09 - 10:38PM6: Chapter 6Signed
i was very worried in the middle of the story, when Rose went all "im a cricket in a jar"...but as i feel a hug in the not too distant future, i am thuroughly excited. i love how you've put in all the actiony-alieny-angerous bits without having to explain alot and without creating badies....ingenius!

kudzita2007.07.09 - 07:42PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Gorgeous chapter as always. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for out-of-it!Doctor. The bit where he asked if regenerating again would make her leave was just perfectly done - so short and to the point, but you can tell how much it matters.

DalekSteph2007.07.09 - 06:38PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Oh, goodness, I am enjoying this story so much--up until this point it's just been a story of wits and emotions and NOW we have us some monsters! Hooray!

I got so frightened when I read that the Doctor's hair had turned white, but my heart stopped when he told Rose that "Doctor" wasn't his real name, and that he couldn't tell her why... /le sigh! Such dramatic devices make your story wonderful! I can't believe you're updating so quickly--I am so thankful for that, truly I am! So, keep up the pace, there, buddy!

Howlcastle2007.07.09 - 02:55PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Excellent chapter - oh that it ended too fast! Love the feel of desperation and the Doctor's sometimes too lucid, sometimes insane end of the conversation and Rose's determination to get through that hole. Can't wait for the next installment!

TorchwoodDoctor2007.07.09 - 01:28PM6: Chapter 6Signed
I agree with RudeAndNotGinger, she sent me the link to this fic and i'm glad she did, this is very gripping and the dialogue and emotivity of your writing is just superb. I can't wait to see what happens next!

ann_blue2007.07.09 - 12:14PM6: Chapter 6Signed
You've taken the wall between metaphor to a whole new level. Fantastic!

Please update soon

RudeAndNotGinger2007.07.09 - 12:03PM6: Chapter 6Signed

This fic is just amazing. I just found it, and read all the chapters so far. I love the dialogue between the Doctor and Rose, very bittersweet.

You better update soon. :)

hellhathnofury2007.07.09 - 11:01AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Brilliant writing..more please...poor babbling doctor *more blackmail info please*

Significant Owl2007.07.09 - 10:48AM6: Chapter 6Signed
I just found this today, and oh, I'm enjoying it so much. So nice to read a story that really gets into the ways that everything wasn't easy between the two of them, because that's what makes them fascinating to me. Great pacing and blend of dialogue/drama/action, too. thanks for a great read!

Fire Storm2007.07.09 - 10:08AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Oh wow. The Doctor doesn't sound to good. He needs to get back to the TARDIS. And what was that noise? I need to know what made it! I'm looking forward to the update :)

scringestone2007.07.09 - 08:34AM6: Chapter 6Signed
This is a FANTASTIC story! You really have a way with dialogue. Please update soon!

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