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inkstained2013.10.01 - 03:08AM5: Chapter 5Signed
I've read this before and it's interesting. Can't say as I like it, but it's well written.

What gets me is that you (and plenty of other authors, mind) make it seem as if Rose has no right to be jealous and that it's a petty human thing with the Reinette episode when the Doctor showed plenty of jealousy when it came to Mickey and Jack and Rose's 'pretty boys'. Bit of a double standard, don't you think?

Author's Response: I do agree that it\'s a double standard, and a problematic one. On the other hand, jealousy - either Rose\'s or the Doctor\'s - is in fact a fairly petty emotion, and as the story is from Rose\'s point of view she\'s more concerned with her own than with his. Rose rarely seemed troubled by the Doctor\'s many jealousies in the show; if anything, she seemed amused by them. So unless the Doctor accused her of pettiness, which I don\'t believe he does in this fic, why would she need to bring up his own petty behavior as a defense? It\'s not that Rose had no right to be jealous of Reinette; it\'s that, as I characterized her in this particular story, she didn\'t *want* to be. She didn\'t like the way it made her feel. Jealousy is an ugly, uncomfortable emotion, and I think Rose is self-aware enough to want to be rid of it -- even that isn\'t quite possible. That said, I do see your point. And you\'ve read the story much more recently than I have, so maybe I\'m forgetting something. Though I\'m sorry you didn\'t enjoy the fic, I much appreciate the constructive feedback. So thank you!

bluedawn2013.01.25 - 06:39PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Holy goodness this line is amazing "“Time was, you would have ripped the universe to shreds to stay with me. You very nearly did, once.” Then the bitterness left his voice, and he just sounded lost. “Am I really that different?”

WOW! Love it! The emotions!!!! AHHH!! So good!

captainbanana2008.08.21 - 01:42PM5: Chapter 5Signed
i'm amazed, as most of the rest of your readers seem to be, at the characterisation that you've played brilliantly here. this is definitely going into my favourites

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 04:18PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Wow I loved the heart to heart! The dialogue flowed effortlessly. And the cliffe hanger at the end was just brilliant! :) So brilliant!

Asano2007.10.16 - 01:25PM5: Chapter 5Anonymous
I am at work. I should be working. I'm going to get in trouble for not working.

...if I get fired, I'm blaming you.

DW_NuTs2007.07.24 - 03:28AM5: Chapter 5Signed
You know there's this little phrase I'm thinking of...it's right there on my tongue but I can't quite think of it...oh that's right:
Man, I am so glad I'm behind on this story, just because I don't have to wait for an update! You've written the Doctor and Rose exactly how I imagine they'd be if ever going through something like this. How they voice their emotions is wonderful. It also hit me that They Leave Him, not the other way round. Can't believe I've never thought of it like that. Brilliant.

AStitchInTimeToSave92007.07.08 - 08:40PM5: Chapter 5Signed

I was feeling all DW-angsty today and this just hit all the best points.
Spot on.

I've Favorited you (author & story) and am looking forward to future posts.
Very nice. Thank you.

BTW - did you know that the DW reviewer at TWOP also connected season 2 to Tennyson? Must be something to it then!

Author's Response: Geez, I don\'t think I even knew they did Who recaps at TWOP. That\'s awesome. We probably both picked up the connection because of \'Tooth and Claw\', what with \"Nature, red in tooth and claw\" being from In Memoriam, and with it being one of Queen Victoria\'s very favorite poems. And from there, how can you not geek out about all the juicy mediations on loss and love and time? I\'m off to TWOP to read the Who snark. Thanks so much for the review!

kudzita2007.07.08 - 06:27PM5: Chapter 5Signed
There is a special place in heaven for you for updating so frequently...because I've been checking several times a day. :P

This story hits me right in the gut every time. It's a beautiful thing to read, and needless to say, I'll probably continue checking for updates several times a day. Thanks for sharing this!

Howlcastle2007.07.08 - 02:50PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Airing the dirty laundry while the TARDIS is currently doing the washing? Very nice. Great feeling of rawness in this chapter, and look forward to the peril that is no doubt in store!

Fire Storm2007.07.08 - 11:40AM5: Chapter 5Signed
I know this is just going to sound like a repitition of what everybody is saying, but this story is AWESOME!! I love it! The conversation was perfect, the action was actually playing out in my head. I could match the voices with the words, and I just wanted to read on and on. You are an extremelly talented person.
And the cliffhanger...
I NEED to know what happens to them. This is one of the best written stories that I've read on this site! Please update soon! Preferably before I go to Cardiff for the weekend :)

jessdoctorwho212007.07.08 - 11:39AM5: Chapter 5Signed
Great chapter.

BlueWolf2007.07.08 - 04:33AM5: Chapter 5Signed
I love this!! You are a brilliant writer. Witty, insightful, sad, funny, thoughtful, exciting, this story has it all! I can't wait to read the next update (soon please?). Thanks :D

DalekSteph2007.07.07 - 11:31PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Aw, man, you can't just leave it like that--my heart literally ached when the Doctor said "not you" like he did in School Reunion--this was full of gut-wrenching lines, and then there you go, leaving it with yet another cliffhanger. I don't know if my singular vascular system can take it!! I do hope you update soon, for my sake, at least!

ann_blue2007.07.07 - 10:57PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Oh you rat.....you can't leave it there!!!!

Update soon!

Jula2007.07.07 - 09:08PM5: Chapter 5Signed
OMG that whole conversation between Rose and 10 underground was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It's bittersweet and gorgeous. You really are a fantastic writer and I am loving how this story is progressing. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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