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Luna Blues2016.09.07 - 12:02PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is absolutely one of the best stories I have ever read. Their relationship is captured so, so perfectly. It is completely realistic and catches the subtle nuances of a friendship that truly defines the individuals in their relationship. Funny, angsty, subtle and then not so subtly romantic. Loved it.

My only complaint would be the ending, which wouldn't be remiss at all if there was the sequel to follow.

Desperately missing its sequel!

I know it's been years, but I would love to see you come back to this. It was truly wonderful, and I want to know how things turn out!

Key2014.10.21 - 03:02PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Also, I am wishing there was a "like" button for other reviews, because I'm reading what a lot of other people wrote and wanting to chime in with, "Yes, exactly!" over and over.

yummi2013.01.20 - 03:18AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This fic... I can't even... it's like when you first tasted a Slurpee at Seven Eleven or an Icee in general. And it's so good, but it hurts too because of the brain freeze you're hit with seconds after your taste buds had a dance of delights. This fic is so good and fill with glorious pain that aches and throbs in the best of ways. But the most painful thing about this, is the fact that that the sequel that we were all teased with at the end is never to be. Now I'm in a fetal position crying my eyes out because it feels like my soul has been ripped from me.

carpe_decem2012.05.09 - 07:20PM1: Chapter 1Signed
There are a handful of stories that I consider my "go-to" stories whenever I need a little dose of Doctor-flavored medicine. This is right at the tip of the list, and I figured it was time to leave a note and tell you how much I LOVED this.

You know, I'd also give anything to see Billie Piper and David Tennant act this out, because it was so darn easy to hear every word of this and see every scene you wrote with them in it. There's also that perfect balance of the Doctor's "alien-ness" (he's just that right amount of eccentric to sound alien) but still capture characterizations we identify with, and there's the hilarity, and the tenderness, and the tension... It's perfect!!

Hbee2011.10.08 - 12:17PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh, this is FANTASTIC.

To her horror, Rose’s first instinct when confronted with a ten-foot tall, fire-breathing sea cow was to sing a novelty song about a serial monogamist with a fetish for men named Henry. She clutched the rope keeping the Doctor aloft and tried not to make any sudden movements.

This is hilarious.

Brilliant mix of whump, angst, and humor!

TARDIS_stowaway2008.11.23 - 04:00AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I just reread this story and felt the need to leave another review to say that it was so brilliant I stayed up too late to finish even though I already knew what happened. I think I want to marry this story and have its witty, passionate, beautiful babies. The rhythm of your dialog alone would be enough to earn this story awards, and then you throw in a nail-biter of a plot in a wonderfully inventive setting. Disco cricket forever! Also, the use of quotes is very well-done.

This story is in my personal canon.

Violet2008.11.11 - 08:48AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I must have read this at least 5 times now. I read it again today and it's still one of my alltime favorite fanfic. I hope you write more Doctor and Rose like this... it's just wonderful in every way. The way you progress the plot feels effortless and gives you all of this area to expose your wonderful believable dialog.
Concussion-doctor is both heartbreaking and funny, and totally in character. And the analogy of the bug is perfect for Rose's feelings!

Also, disco cricket, so charming and so in the vein of doctor who.

TimeyWimeyStuff2008.10.15 - 10:40PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm horrible about commenting, but I felt the need to let you know that this is one of my all time favorite stories. It has been for a while. Every so often it pops back into my head and I just have to look you up and read it again. The angst is so wonderfully done, and you've captured the Doctor and Rose so beautifully. Thank you ever so much for sharing stories like this (and Incurable - love that one too) with us.

avoria2008.08.25 - 06:15PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I just wanted to let you know that I read through this ALL in one sitting, and it distracted me happily from me own writing. Brilliantly constructed and put together, very descriptive, and most of all very evocative. I loved every bit. I don't normally read fanfic these days, but this certainly managed to pull me out of that slump.

SadieHyde2008.08.21 - 08:13AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh my goodness, I loved this story. First of all- "Disco Cricket" is what I would name my band if I weren't musically challenged. I just loved the banter between the two and the bugs in jar metaphor (analogy? simile? I'm old and tired with a baby and my grammar days are long past) practically had me in tears. This story was just beautiful. I was late for work because I was sitting in my car reading it on my phone in the parking lot yetserday. I wish this was more of useful comment- not just blathering adoration, but I've got no complaints. Not a one. Thank you for a WONDERFUL read. One of the best I can ever remember.

captainbanana2008.08.21 - 07:38AM1: Chapter 1Signed
i know i'm rather late with this, but in my defence i've only just found it. the emotions, so subtle and so heartbreaking are just beautifully written. well done

bornofstars2008.08.11 - 08:51PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This was heart-breakingly gorgeous. Wonderful characterizations, and I loved that you showed the Doctor and Rose's relationship as fallible, as so few people do.

Giles2008.07.21 - 09:02AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This was such a beautiful story.

I've just spent a few hours reading through all your fics. The quality of your writing is great, I love all of the different ways you have Rose and the Doctor admit their love for each other, and I'm smitten with the wit you weave into your stories.

Cybergirl052008.07.02 - 03:05PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Wow, a perfect amount of humour mixed in with angst made something really quite powerful. Great start! I loved the moments with the photo's and The Doctor's obvious interest in her. Really grea! I also love teh fact you had Rose cleaning out his flat! I've never thought of that before and certainly never read that scenario in a fic before but it makes complete and utter sense! Well done, loving it so far! :)

Devi422008.06.26 - 06:16PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Who would have through sticking Rose and the Doctor in a hole would make for such a great read. Alos, pure disco cricket love.

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