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Reviews For Four Times...

Rainshadow2008.06.13 - 07:16PM5: IantoSigned
*sigh* this was gorgeous. I especially liked the last chapter, and Gwen's. nice job. =)

Vengeful_Traveler2008.02.01 - 06:04PM5: IantoSigned
Neat stories

mysteriousalien2007.10.01 - 11:17AM5: IantoSigned
i could try and think of something more original to put in the review but YOUR STORY ROCKS! (chapter 5 in particular) :-)

mysteriousalien2007.10.01 - 11:16AM5: IantoSigned
i could try and think of something more original to put in the review but YOUR STORY ROCKS! (chapter 5 in particular) :-)

SolitaryStranger2007.03.12 - 02:52PM1: ToshSigned
Awww. Lovely story. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside. A true hurt/comfort fic. Especially like the Jack/Ianto parts. Amazing characterisations!!

"Please, Sir. Can I have some more?" :-D

Author's Response: Thanks!

Inara2007.03.08 - 04:33PM5: IantoSigned
Loved your portrayal of Ianto and how he deals with the rest of the team.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Xela2007.03.08 - 09:43AM5: IantoSigned
Lovely fic. Made me smile, thanks!

Author's Response: Aw. glad to hear it.

Wiliam2007.03.08 - 03:23AM4: GwenSigned
Squee! The tiny nod of recognition from Jack. Amazing characterisation. For all five of them.

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks for reading.

Wiliam2007.03.08 - 03:22AM5: IantoSigned
Mmm, that was gorgeous. I love well written, true hurt/comfort fics. I've been meaning to write a coda to countrycide like that for a while. You saved me the trouble :)
Especially like the descriptions of Jack's actions, and the way that groggy Ianto just natrually relaxed into it.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Lovechilde2007.03.08 - 01:06AM5: IantoSigned
Lovely. I like Ianto stories where he doesn't come off as a whiny bitch. Very cute, I'd love to see more of your stuff.

Author's Response: I know what you mean. Thanks for reading.

Minion2007.03.08 - 12:33AM5: IantoSigned
I enjoyed that. Ianto's usually doing for others, and it was good to see him get some attention when he needed it. Also, the little individual things he did for each team member were just right.

Author's Response: I see him doing that, just finding little things to keep everyone happy. Thanks for reading.

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