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Reviews For Chance Meetings

Howlcastle2007.03.28 - 04:07AM4: In the Infirmary ISigned
Loving the interaction between the Doctor and River, and also the mirroring actions or Rose/Jack and Mal/Simon. Am intriqued as to where you are leading us storywise too. Always a good think ;)

Author's Response: Thanks again! I think you\'ll like where it\'s going when we get there . . .

HonorH2007.03.05 - 05:57PM4: In the Infirmary ISigned
Uh-oh! *laugh* I'm afraid there's already a segment in my own crossover in which Nine takes a tour through River's brain, but you'll be glad to know it's quite different. I liked this, especially the part about the big, scary monster offering tea and dumplings. Isn't that just the Doctor?

Author's Response: Y\'see, y\'see! -- this is why I\'m, er, abstaining from the other crossover fics; there are some things like the River-brain-tour that are just *begging* to happen . . . Can\'t wait to read your version, BTW! :) Glad you liked mine . . .

gwynhefar2007.03.05 - 11:09AM4: In the Infirmary ISigned
Oh wow. Will we find out what imagery River has in her mind? I have some ideas, but anything that can horrify the Doctor like that must be truly horrible. I like River's characterisation of him too. There's something comforting about knowing what he *can* do to you and also that he'll never do it. At least not to you.

Author's Response: I\'m trying to decide how much of the imagery to give away (at least, of what I had in mind) and how much to leave up to the reader (since people are usually best at conjuring what disturbs *them* most, if you keep the descriptions vague, and that allows them to \"tailor\" the story to their own feelings, as it were). And the Doc an be a genuinely scary person all right -- but fortunately, he\'s one of the good guys, and is selective about who he gets scary *at*. :D

Sinful_Deception2007.03.05 - 02:13AM4: In the Infirmary ISigned
I still love this. I will continue to love this. And I'm so happy you're continuing it. I've read every chapter more than once [Yes. I do get a little obsessed, and in my experience there are usually things you pick up on in the second or third round, that you don't in the first.] Everytime you update I get a little excited. *blink* Not a little. Very. Yes. Very. [I talk to much. Whoops.] Anyways, I love River, you capture her distinct personality and voice so well. And Mal's as well. Hope to see more of this soon! ^^;

Author's Response: Wow, I\'m blushing, thanks! More of River to come, FWIW . . . :)

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