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Eyrion2012.10.15 - 10:27AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
I really hope you get back to this one eventually! I love all your stuff, but if you finished this one, I would send you cookies. You can mail cookies, right? If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. :D

Allonym2010.06.10 - 04:57AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Wonderful story - the two universes fit so seamlessly. I see that it's rested fallow for a while - hope you find your way back to it!

rea_p2009.02.09 - 09:07PM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Adding to my favourites so that when the story comes round to you again (I know, sometimes you wander off and get lost, and they have to find you), I'll know!

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'m kinda waiting for this \'Verse to come around again on the git-ar, as it were. I\'ll write more when it does, rest assured; thanks!!

betawho12008.12.12 - 06:36PM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Truly excellent! I could so easily see the whole Serenity crew and worlds in this, you had the accents and phrases just right, and you knew not to overuse them, which is the tricky bit. You even pointed out the difference in the way Rose and the Doctor talked compared to them, that would never have occured to me.

And, of course, you had the Doctor, Jack and Rose down pat.

I feel like I have a video tape of this in my head. Of course, now I want the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Thanks! *blushes* This one may take a while -- I really had to re-think a lot of it, and I\'ve kinda lost my \"Firefly\" groove in the meantime. But I *will* finish it, swear!

Foalen2008.03.25 - 01:15PM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Oh this is brilliant. I hope there will be more soon. I love both Dr Who and Firefly so it's fun to see them crossing over. Very nicely done too by the way. I can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response: Thanks! I can\'t tell a lie, this one\'s been on hiatus for far too long . . . but I haven\'t forgotten it, I swear!

QT3142007.10.04 - 09:32AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
This story is one of the few where I could honestly believe that any characters not "on screen" at the time were actually doing something elsewhere in the ship, not just waiting in the wings.

I cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! More to come, eventually . . . :)

Unseen Watcher2007.08.04 - 07:02AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Nice! I only know vague hints of Serenity (my sister likes it), but any crossover where they get to see the Doctor in action sounds fun to me! Oh, and thanks for using the Finderverse characters. Much more seasoned. And powerful. *grin*

Author's Response: Yeah, like all my long fics, this stalled out a while back, but it will be finished! And yes, the Findersverse characters are the \"right choice for the job\" here -- they will really get to show their chops, all of them. Rose, in particular, will surprise a few folks. >:)

buffyaddict2007.07.19 - 10:06PM1: In The JunkyardSigned
i've read several ff/dw fics in the past few days. yours is the first that made me register here so i could leave a review. your character voices are excellent and i'm loving every word of this. especially river's view of the doctor as a storm. i heart this fic very much. thank you.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks, and you\'re welcome! Be sure to check out all the other great stories here, too. :)

Aibhinn2007.07.07 - 11:14PM1: In The JunkyardSigned
I'm not trying to be a bug. Really, I'm not. I know how fickle the Muse can be (I'm avoiding working on a ficathon story that's due in a couple of days because she's being flighty at the moment), and I'm loving the Bliss!verse, honest and for true....

But I want more of this. I really, really, REALLY want more of this. And The Wolf and the Storm. I have this image of Jack standing in the middle of the galley singing, "Jayne! The man they call Jayne!"....

Author's Response: Yow. That\'s actually not an image I\'d had before, but it\'s hard to shake now you\'ve given it to me . . . LOL! And do feel free to bug me. It will help get me motivated. Many thanks, and glad my offerings are enjoyed . . .

Howlcastle2007.03.28 - 03:16AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
This whole premise seems strange to me, (and it's even wierder to hear that Whooliganism and Firefly mixing in ff is a regular thing!)

It feels kind of like Robin Hood cameoing on Black Books or something lol. You know, Myth mixing with popular culture.

Growing up with the Doctor I actually found out that Father Christmas wasn't real before I did the Doctor some years later! (I'm not sure what that says about me really, but I remaind steadfast that the Doctor is more believable lol)

Still, I trust you as a writer, (and then some!) and this first chapter has had both sets of characters, as it were, nicley woven together, and you've planted quite the intriquing seed...

Author's Response: I think DW and FF are natural crossovers because they both feature such beautifully-drawn characters who are so much fun to work with. The temptation to put \'em all in the same room to see what they make of each other is nearly irresistable . . .I\'m glad you trust my writing skills, hope I don\'t disappoint . . . and, as always thanks for the kind words and feedback.

wildcard2007.03.20 - 08:59AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Loved your first chapter on your DW FF crossover. Characters were great fun and the interaction was a delight. As for you writing in italics - I don't see text so I don't notice this form at all.

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review! I eventually did get the italics to work. I just had a bad experience with them on the first couple of stories, so I was reluctant to mess with them again for a while. I wonder now if there was some oddball thing going on with my cut\'n\'pasted text that interfered, something picked up from the original processing program . . .? Anyway, hope you like the rest of the story! It\'s gotten pretty quiet out there, so I hope I\'m not taking this in too odd a direction for people. I\'m having fun though! :D

theamericancompanion2007.03.09 - 01:08AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
You've done great work with the number of varying dialect patterns from both these shows. Language is such an important part of the stories in the Whoverse and in Serenity. It's fantastic you're doing a post movie version. I remember the audiable collective gasp in the theater when Wash died. It's a raw wound and that always makes for a great story element.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, I was really working hard on the dialects. Glad you liked my work there. Writing for the \'Verse is easier for me than writing for the Whoniverse, I find, since I\'m from the Western US. The only downside is, once I get that dialect into my head, I have a tendency to go around *talking* like that . . . :) Yeah, the death of Wash always hits people hard -- I would\'ve loved to write him as a character, but the story needed to be post-movie for some plot points, and I had to go with the setup that was given, so . . . More soon!

Xephyrfox2007.03.04 - 06:30AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Oooooh! I /love/ this story! can't wait for more chapters! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Authors crave that feedback, so reviews are a good way to keep us going . . . ;)

Kazzy2007.03.04 - 02:53AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
So far I love it! I love all that character interaction. You've managed to get all of the characters in character without resorting to the cliches that people often use. I was smiling the whole way through it, and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I have to admit, I\'ve been out of the fanfic loop so long, I didn\'t know there were cliches to watch out for -- guess naivete is a good thing, sometimes!

gwynhefar2007.03.03 - 09:47AM1: In The JunkyardSigned
Oh wow. I normally don't like cross-overs much, but you've done so well capturing both sets of characters and blending them together realistically. I can't wait to see where you go with this. *favourites*

Author's Response: Thanks! Gosh, guess I\'m going to have to actually figure out wht\'s going on, aren\'t I? I\'m getting enough positive feedback, I think I\'d better!

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