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Reviews For Imperative

witchy_grrl2008.08.11 - 12:17AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This was quite possibly the silliest, most adorkable, yet somehow strangely in-character Nine!voice I've ever read. It was quite a struggle to NOT pee in my pants reading this fic in one sitting. :D
But seriously, I think I

Author's Response: aww thank you :)

np_complete2008.06.01 - 01:14PM7: Chapter 7Signed
This story is so much fun, I just had to go back and re-read it. So funny!

Author's Response: why thanks!!!!

Unseen Watcher2008.03.02 - 11:04PM1: Chapter 1Signed
*stares in disbelief* I haven't reviewed this? A 'fav for all time, can't wait to print this out, this is the type of story I love' and I haven't reviewed it?! *bows* Sorry! I am so spaced! Love it! Love the concept and 'need' best of all. The humor was icing. Thank you.

Author's Response: why thank you!!! I love to be loved :)

roguewords_252007.12.16 - 10:20PM1: Chapter 1Signed
omg that was great. I loved it all. Everything from The Doctor going on about killing Mickey and Jack to Jack trying to "help" to Rose finally taking over. *grins* Great work.

Author's Response: thanks very much!

Shen2007.10.11 - 01:06AM5: Chapter 5Signed
“Wait, Rose, don’t go. You’re doing your breast--”

BWAHAHA! Oh, that's glorious to read in the small hours of the morning. You know, that special kind of tired cackling reserved for internet hilarity. You're awesome.

Author's Response: but she was doing her breast ;) hehehe. Glad you enjoyed!! sorry for the late nite cackling, hope you didn\'t wake anyone!

TARDIS_stowaway2007.08.22 - 12:49AM7: Chapter 7Signed
This story nearly caused me to injure myself trying to not laugh loudly enough to awaken other members of the household. Poor Nine! Jack's "Carry on, then" was particularly guffaw-inducing.

Author's Response: Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed!

Jabberwocky2007.06.22 - 04:13PM7: Chapter 7Signed
This story is brilliantly hilarious. But I find myself burning with curiosity as to what the questions Jack asked were...

Author's Response: i could tell. but then that would be.... telling ;) Glad you enjoyed!

Jabberwocky2007.06.21 - 11:20PM4: Chapter 4Signed
I have to ask: Did you intend to be referencing the X-Files Movie with the line "She keeps me honest"? Or is my knack for finding connections getting me in trouble again?

Author's Response: *looks around innocently* I TOTALLY meant to do that. Totally. Completely... I was a huge x-files fan, I guess that got into my head without even noticing it :)

lady of gallifrey2007.04.22 - 11:57PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I loved this - but thought it had been finished before now. What was updated?

Author's Response: Oh i accidentally posted the next chapter of In Season attached to this fic. They\'re right on top of each other in the list, and I was a bit tired :) Glad you enjoyed it tho, back when it was shiny and new!

jessdoctorwho212007.04.01 - 03:06PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Loved it! I would love to see you do a sequel so we can find out if he eventually did 'hit the jackpot' so to speak.
At least consider doing a sequel , please?
You're a fantastic writer and I can't wait to see what you've posted next.
I have added you to my favourite Authors list and I think I have most of your fics favourited as well.
Your just that good.

Author's Response: aww * blush * thanks :) I think there\'re enough baby fics out there :) Crap, i\'ve authored a good bit of them LOL. You never know what the future holds, especially with me :)

MichAre1a2007.03.27 - 10:50PM7: Chapter 7Signed
lmao! Fantastic! Hehehe ;-D

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed!

Wiliam2007.03.27 - 07:23AM6: Chapter 6Signed
There was only one solution that he could think of. He had no choice. He had to have sex with Jack. Then Rose wouldn’t suspect a thing…

Doctor reasoning. Flawless. (and something I'd very much like to see) 8D

Author's Response: How can you argue with something as impeccably thought out as that?

Wiliam2007.03.27 - 07:22AM7: Chapter 7Signed
loads of incredible hilarity. (I really should be studying chemistry). Only you could have made some of those lines not just viable, but absolutely perfectly suitable.
And yet... at the end, intentional or no, was that tinge of sadness. Feudal Japan was where they were before they got transmatted to the game-station... :(
I adore the hell out of this story. I'm favouriting it, if I haven't already.

Author's Response: aww *blush* thanks very much. When the Doctor finds jack again they get rose back from the parallel world they\'ll all just need to experience the healing power ofgroup sex ;)

DameRuth2007.03.25 - 06:01AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Poor, poor Nine. Too bad for him it's so funny to watch him suffer! Finally getting caught up on my reading, safely away from work . . .!

Author's Response: Yeah he just needs to be less funny as the straight man. That\'d solve a few of his problems LOL

LilacFree2007.03.23 - 10:40PM7: Chapter 7Signed
That will teach him to be a slutboi alien tease, heehee! Very good.

Author's Response: which one, Jack or Nine?

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