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An Accident by naturalblues [Reviews - 0]
River Song shoots Rose Tyler. How do they even know each other?
Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor - All Ages - Swearing - Alternate Universe, Angst, Character Study, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: River Song, River Song, Rose Tyler
Series: An Accident Universe
Published: 2015.05.09 - Updated: 2015.05.09 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 3223

forever has no end but has a start by MenoMonyFalls [Reviews - 50]
After the Battle of Canary Wharf, Rose is stuck in a parallel world, desperate to find a way back. It comes in a way she would never have expected, a way that might just change her life forever.
Multi-Era - Adult - Explicit Sex - Action/Adventure, Romance
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (8th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.05.17 - Updated: 2015.05.07 - Chapters: 15 - Completed: No - Word Count: 84126

Edging Too Close by GettingMetaphysical [Reviews - 0]
Cooped up in his bedroom one morning, the Doctor has some much-deserved alone time.
Fifth Doctor, Multi-Era - Adult - Explicit Sex, Swearing - Drabble, Humor, Introspection, Mixed, PWP, Slash
Characters: The Doctor (4th), The Doctor (5th), The Doctor (6th), The Doctor (8th), The TARDIS
Series: Doctor-on-Doctor Shenanigans
Published: 2015.05.06 - Updated: 2015.05.06 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 945

A Rose By Any Other Name by RoseByAnyOtherName [Reviews - 133]
Alba Prentice wakes up to a girl's worst nightmare: she has been sold into the black market slave trade to pay her mother's debts, and escape is not an option. But what does the handsome Mr. Smith want with her, and why does he keep looking at her like he knows her somehow? Some non-con in prologue, probably dubcon for recreational drug use, etc..., explicit chapters marked NSFW.
Multi-Era, Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Non-Con, Swearing - Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Romana (author created), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Master (Simm), The Rani
Series: None
Published: 2013.11.13 - Updated: 2015.05.05 - Chapters: 36 - Completed: No - Word Count: 103602

Spinning Through Space by TheBigCat [Reviews - 0]
"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke, and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Rose, we've got work to do!"
Other Era, Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Humor
Characters: Ace McShane, Adam Mitchell, Faction Paradox, Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Original Companion, Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Autons, The Daleks
Series: None
Published: 2015.02.11 - Updated: 2015.05.05 - Chapters: 13 - Completed: No - Word Count: 37513

Battle in the Sky by msphoenix929 [Reviews - 103]
Time can be rewritten but not without consequences. When Elevenís life puts one rewrite too many on the timeline, the reset button gets pushed at a crucial point. Goes AU during The Night of the Doctor. Fix-it fic for the Time War, 50th anniversary and Christmas Special with a Doctor x Rose reunion twist.
Multi-Era - Adult - Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Swearing - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Het, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Irving Braxiatel, Narvin, Romana II, Rose Tyler, The Daleks, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (8th), The Doctor (9th), The TARDIS, The Time Lords
Series: None
Published: 2014.01.19 - Updated: 2015.05.05 - Chapters: 32 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 147206

A New Friend by HawkErin [Reviews - 33]
The newly regenerated Doctor, Rose, and Jamie meet a new friend. Amy and Rory join them for new adventures, but who is River Song? Series 5 rewrite, second in the Family Timelines series.
Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor - All Ages - Explicit Sex, Swearing - Action/Adventure, Romance
Characters: Amy Pond, Original Companion, River Song, Rory Williams, The Doctor (11th), Rose Tyler
Series: Family Timelines
Published: 2015.01.21 - Updated: 2015.05.05 - Chapters: 32 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 112557

Time Shards: The Lost Universe by SevenRoses [Reviews - 2]
In the Library, River tells Charlotte the fairy tale of the Beast in a magic castle and a secret room he hides there. (Even though Rose does not make a personal appearance in the story, I had to add her to the list of characters. You'll know why.)
Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor - All Ages - None - Missing Scene, Vignette
Characters: Other Character(s), River Song, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (11th)
Series: Forever Never Dies
Published: 2015.05.05 - Updated: 2015.05.05 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1640

Forever: Nineteen Hundred by SevenRoses [Reviews - 14]
The Doctor realises his life has gone wrong, causing the universes to collapse. Trying to avert the disaster, he is caught in a blast that initiates his regeneration but also brings back the faces he never expected to see again. The unexpected meeting stirs up all sorts of hopes, but will they last when everything seems to be against them? It's my own version of Doctor/Rose reunion and a sequel to my previous story 'Forever: The Broken Fragments'.
Other Doctors, Multi-Era, Tenth Doctor - Teen - None - Angst, Drama, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), The Doctor (Unspecified), The TARDIS
Series: Forever Never Dies
Published: 2015.04.24 - Updated: 2015.05.04 - Chapters: 8 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 16537

Short Doctor/Rose Fics by SilentStars [Reviews - 13]
Doctor/Rose: A collection of drabbles and short fics.
Multi-Era, Ninth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor - Teen - None - Drabble, Romance
Characters: Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler
Series: None
Published: 2014.10.26 - Updated: 2015.05.03 - Chapters: 9 - Completed: No - Word Count: 6658

Wide Awake by IrishVampire13 [Reviews - 1]
He will hear you beg. He will make you vow to comply with his every demand...and then destroy everything, regardless.
Multi-Era - Adult - None - Horror
Characters: Other Character(s), The Doctor (11th), The Master (Ainley)
Series: MasterPieces (Ainley), Welcome to the Cyberiad
Published: 2015.05.01 - Updated: 2015.05.01 - Chapters: 2 - Completed: No - Word Count: 1584

The Music of the Night by Brambleshadow [Reviews - 2]
The mysterious, elusive Phantom haunts the Paris Opera House and hunts the beautiful singer Rose Tyler, with whom he has a dark obsession. Jack, Rose's childhood friend (and maybe more than that), is having none of it. Neither is the mysterious woman known only as River Song. [Alternate Universe - The Phantom of the Opera]
Multi-Era, Tenth Doctor - Teen - None - Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, General, Het, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Standalone
Characters: Adam Mitchell, Amy Pond, Grace Holloway, Gwen Cooper, Harriet Jones, Harriet Jones, Jack Harkness, Jackson Lake, Lady Christina de Souza, Madame de Pompadour, Martha Jones, Professor Yana, River Song, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th
Series: None
Published: 2014.12.27 - Updated: 2015.04.30 - Chapters: 7 - Completed: No - Word Count: 30253

A New Song for River by MegaBadBunny [Reviews - 0]
An alternate take on River Song's mysterious past, and how she came to know, love, and kill the Doctor.
Other Doctors, Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor, Twelfth Doctor - Adult - Swearing - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Mixed, Romance
Characters: Amy Pond, Amy Pond, River Song, River Song, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (12th), The Doctor (12th), The Doctor (Other), The Doctor (Other)
Series: None
Published: 2015.04.01 - Updated: 2015.04.30 - Chapters: 3 - Completed: No - Word Count: 7004

Reflections by FarDareisMai [Reviews - 7]
The Eleventh Doctor can no longer remember if he's a good man. He knows who can give him the answer, but he doesn't want to know.
Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor - All Ages - None - Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th)
Series: None
Published: 2015.04.29 - Updated: 2015.04.29 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 2013

Five Hundred Prompts by IrishVampire13 [Reviews - 0]
Fills to the Five-Hundred-Prompt meme...
Multi-Era - Teen - None - Angst, Character Study, General, Horror, Humor, Introspection
Characters: Amy Pond, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (Unspecified), The Master (Other), Unspecified Companion
Series: MasterPieces (Unspecified), Meme Fills, We're All Stories in the End
Published: 2015.04.20 - Updated: 2015.04.25 - Chapters: 7 - Completed: No - Word Count: 1844

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