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Two Worlds Split Apart by Oswinry [Reviews - 4]
When Amy and Rory are touched by the Angel, it's not New York they find on the other side, but a parallel London. Met by two strangers who claim to be the Doctor and a former companion, the stranded couple search desperately for a way back home—and the reason they crashed through the walls of the universe in the first place.
Multi-Era, Tenth Doctor - All Ages - None - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Series: None
Published: 2017.05.28 - Updated: 2017.06.01 - Chapters: 3 - Completed: No - Word Count: 2476

The Bad Wolf by Hudine [Reviews - 6]
It's a long journey that takes Rose back to the Doctor when she uses the dimension cannon, one that changes things for Rose forever. Join Rose and her friends as she travels through Gallifrey, an alt universe, and eventually to her Doctor fighting the Silence from behind the scenes. AU Eleven and Rose reunited in CH 14, 11/Rose, River/Jack
Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Romance
Characters: Amy Pond, Amy Pond, Irving Braxiatel, Jack Harkness, Original Companion, Original Companion, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), River Song, River Song, Rory Williams, Rory Williams, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th), The TARDIS, The TARDIS
Series: None
Published: 2013.05.26 - Updated: 2017.05.22 - Chapters: 4 - Completed: No - Word Count: 8690

The Clock Strikes Twelve by Kimmzie [Reviews - 1]
“What? No Rose, love, I know that this is a lot to deal with right now. On the scale of what we’ve had to do before. Yeah. Just shh. Listen. Stay calm. It’ll be over in a tick. Well a tick or two… Three at the most, I promise. Don’t start that… I’m the angry, rude, Scottish one. Trust me, just follow the plans and it’ll be okay. We’ll be ok. You’ll always find your way home.” – The Doctor’s voice echoed… "Stay calm." The Doctor had gotten her home. But where is he?- An A/U about Rose and the Doctor she loves. They are separated on Christmas and she has to protect a stranger with her husband's face. Holiday Fob Watch story set in Pete's World. Some holiday, fun, cheer, chaos, romance, and adventure. Rose/Doctor- 12/ Rose Tentoo/ Rose.
Multi-Era - Adult - Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Swearing - Alternate Universe, Character Study, Crossover, Romance
Characters: Donna Noble, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (12th), The Doctor (9th), The TARDIS
Series: None
Published: 2017.05.13 - Updated: 2017.05.13 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: No - Word Count: 12069

Calling the Doctor by Shivver [Reviews - 5]
Resolving to lock Gallifrey in a single instant of time, the three Doctors must enlist the help of their previous incarnations.
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Humor
Characters: The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (War)
Series: None
Published: 2014.01.14 - Updated: 2017.05.12 - Chapters: 8 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 18614

Eye of the Storm by AristaHolmes [Reviews - 2]
When Martha is called to a U.N.I.T facility in Norway, what she doesn't expect is to have to call the Doctor in to help her shut down the whole corrupt branch. Speaking of the unexpected, why does she recognise the Colonel's prize captive?
Multi-Era, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor - Teen - Explicit Violence - Alternate Universe, General, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Amy Pond, Amy Pond, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Martha Jones, Martha Jones, Rory Williams, Rory Williams, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), UNIT, UNIT
Series: None
Published: 2017.05.10 - Updated: 2017.05.10 - Chapters: 4 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 10932

Up In Flames by perfectlyrose [Reviews - 9]
In the year since they decided to become a team, John Smith and Rose Tyler have made quite the names for themselves as Team TARDIS, bank robbers extraordinaire. Newspapers the world over run headlines about the Doctor and the Bad Wolf and their latest heists. They’re practically unstoppable. Then their world spins to a halt with a phone call. Jack’s in trouble again and a formidable enemy from John’s past has emerged from the shadows to try and destroy the bank robbing couple once and for all. Will they be able to survive this new threat intact or will the life they’ve been building together go up in flames? (A sequel to Watch it Burn)
Multi-Era, Ninth Doctor - Teen - Swearing - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Het, Romance, Series
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (9th), The Master (Simm)
Series: Into the Fire
Published: 2017.03.04 - Updated: 2017.05.06 - Chapters: 3 - Completed: No - Word Count: 9793

Just One Word by Chocolatequeen [Reviews - 4]
With just one word, the Doctor became part of Rose Tyler's soul. Soulmates trope set in the canon 'verse.
Multi-Era, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor - All Ages - None - Character Study, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (9th)
Series: None
Published: 2017.05.02 - Updated: 2017.05.02 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 906

Boundless and Bare by AstroGirl [Reviews - 1]
The Doctor saves yet another species.
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - General
Characters: The Doctor (Unspecified)
Series: None
Published: 2017.04.30 - Updated: 2017.04.30 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 510

The Past of the Doctor by RunYouCleverBoy [Reviews - 3]
History can be rewritten - even the Doctor's. About to leave the National Gallery after the events of "The Day of the Doctor", the Eleventh Doctor and Clara are handed yet another letter from Queen Elizabeth I. Earlier that day, she had wanted the Doctor's assistance, but now she's looking for revenge. What will the Doctor and Clara find when they, along with an old friend or two, travel back to Elizabethan England?
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance
Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th)
Series: None
Published: 2015.06.19 - Updated: 2017.04.16 - Chapters: 27 - Completed: No - Word Count: 120743

That Treasured Sound by TenRoseForever [Reviews - 2]
The Doctor whirled around at the sound of the laugh. It was more youthful than the laugh that clung in his memories, but just as unaffected, just as natural, and just as lovely as it had been to his ears so many, many years ago.
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Vignette
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (12th)
Series: None
Published: 2017.04.08 - Updated: 2017.04.08 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 319

The Trip of a Lifetime by paranoidangel [Reviews - 0]
As promised, the Doctor takes John Chesterton to Goros IV. Of course things don't go to plan.
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - None
Characters: The Doctor (10th)
Series: John Chesterton travels with the Doctor
Published: 2017.04.02 - Updated: 2017.04.02 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 889

Speed-dating Companions by Pendragon [Reviews - 14]
A variety of companions end up on speed-dates together whether they want to or not.
First Doctor, Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Fluff
Characters: Ace McShane, Adric, Amy Pond, Barbara Wright, Ben Jackson, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Danny Pink, Evelyn Smythe, Ian Chesterton, Jack Harkness, Jamie McCrimmon, Leela, Liz Shaw, Lucie Miller, Mel Bush, Polly Wright, Steven Taylor, Susan Foreman, Vicki, Wilfred Mott
Series: None
Published: 2017.02.15 - Updated: 2017.03.16 - Chapters: 21 - Completed: No - Word Count: 8856

Small Hands Make Dark Work by Law Tech [Reviews - 0]
The Doctor chose not to destroy the Daleks before their creation. Was he right? If you could kill Hitler as a child would you do so?
Multi-Era - All Ages - None - Satire
Characters: Jack Harkness, Missy, Tegan Jovanka
Series: None
Published: 2017.03.05 - Updated: 2017.03.05 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1823

Prelude by Sexy Old Girl [Reviews - 0]
What if River and the Doctor met even earlier than they realized? Might they be drawn together, without knowing why? This is my take on what might have happened if 9 and Mels had met. Set shortly before "Rose" for him and shortly before "Let's Kill Hitler" for her. (There is one very brief non-con moment.)
Multi-Era, Ninth Doctor - Adult - None - Het, Romance, Standalone
Characters: River Song, The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (9th)
Series: None
Published: 2012.11.01 - Updated: 2017.02.27 - Chapters: 2 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1457

Who is Who? The origins of Doctor Who - Part II by Electrolite1 [Reviews - 1]
In Part I Lee discovered that dreams are not always as they seem. Will he now discover the love of his life? And what does the *countdown* mean anyway?
Multi-Era, Twelfth Doctor - All Ages - Swearing - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Humor, Mystery
Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, Other Character(s), Other Character(s)
Series: Who is Who? The origins of Doctor Who
Published: 2017.02.25 - Updated: 2017.02.26 - Chapters: 4 - Completed: No - Word Count: 2646

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